Deluge test active port yellow

Deluge test active port yellow

Utorrent – how to fix no incoming connection

This was also a problem for me, and I spent the last few days troubleshooting it. There was little knowledge online; all told me to change the ports Deluge was using, as the only other answer in this thread suggests. This didn’t work, so I experimented with various settings to see if they had any impact. All was set to -1 on the screen below, and as soon as I adjusted them, Deluge started working properly. I’m not sure which setting it is, but as long as I can torrent, I don’t mind.
If it does not appear to be operational, you must open the ports you selected in your router’s “port forwarding” portion. A how-to for a variety of routers can be found here (but with uTorrent but that does not matter for the router settings).
All now works, but when I ‘test active port,’ the yellow triangle with exclamation appears (though it is no longer visible in the main window’s bottom line). But don’t give the ‘test’ much thought.

Deluge portforwarding guide

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With my Ubuntu installation, I was using Transmission but decided to turn to Deluge. I used the same port in Deluge as I do in Transmission, but although Transmission shows the port as open, Deluge shows it as closed. Using to test the port also ensures that it is open. Deluge indicates that the port is open when I disconnect VPN. When I link to VPN, it says it’s locked. Ubuntu 17.04 and Deluge 1.3.15 are installed. Is there some way to find out what’s wrong with Deluge and how to address the port issue? Thank you so much!
So, I mostly found out what my issue was. I had to face palm myself because the problem is so easy. Inside my network, I run my own DNS. My torrent machine can’t hit my DNS and won’t resolve addresses after connecting to my VPN. So I configured my torrent client to resolve to the DNS of my VPN provider. This issue would also arise if you configure your router’s DNS addresses and have your device resolve to the router. Via my VPN, I can now download and upload with Deluge. The port exam, however, continues to fail for some reason. I’m going to keep working on it just to find out why. I hope this has been of assistance to you, AeroZ.

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I’m running Deluge 1.3.11 on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 and using a MiFi interface to connect to the Internet. Deluge opens up with the Torrent in a “Paused” state every time I click a Magnet connection in my browser, and it never actually starts downloading. When I press the “Test Active Port” button in the Deluge Network settings, an orange triangle with an exclamation mark appears. When I hover my mouse over the mark, nothing appears, so I presume the test failed. I’ve tried manually accessing different ports and “Applying,” but it still doesn’t work. There was no entry for Deluge in Windows Firewall when I installed it (not sure why), so I manually added two entries (for TCP & UDP on all ports). This was ineffective. I have ESET Smart Security 8, so I disabled the ESET firewall absolutely, but it made no difference. What could possibly have caused Deluge to fail the tests? QBittorrent is installed and working well (and created its own Windows Firewall entries). Thank you so much.
Is it possible that my test would also fail? and demonstrates the triangle. My downloads, on the other hand, are flawless. If you have an issue, the lower toolbar should say “No incoming connections.” On most clients, the status of Paused is the same as halted. You may have the option “add new torrents in the paused state” selected. Have you tried selecting the torrent in question and clicking the right-pointing arrow to initiate it?

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This tutorial will teach you how to speed up downloads in Deluge, a freeware bittorrent client. To reach the fastest download rates, all bittorrent programs must make their incoming and outgoing communications flow freely, which is what this guide is about.
This guide was created using information found on the forums, guides, and FAQs of bittorrent program developers. There are no hidden tricks here; only the fundamentals of how to properly set up a bittorrent program. The download speed should improve if you follow these easy measures.
There are some programs that claim to improve Deluge’s pace. These programs are typically a scam and contain adware or spyware. Nothing will improve your download speed in a bittorrent client more than the simple steps outlined here, according to the creators of all bittorrent programs.
Parts of this guide require you to use Deluge’s Options screens. The Options screens can be accessed by selecting “Edit” (then Preferences) from the upper left menu of Deluge, or by selecting the Options icon at the top of the page.

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