Deluge stopped working

Deluge stopped working

Deluge installation on synology nas

Hi, I’m running Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Deluge 1.3.15 and libtorrent 1.1.6. I had been using this setup successfully for several weeks until last weekend, when I found that despite having plenty of seeders, all of my torrents were stuck at 0% improvement. Regardless of which torrents are involved, the issue persists. I had no problems downloading the same torrents on another laptop on my network. On the Raspberry Pi, I was able to download the same torrents using transmission. I tried downgrading libtorrent to 1.1.5 (along with boost-libs to 1.65.1), but it didn’t work. I tried setting deluge’s logging level to debug, but it didn’t seem to give me any useful details. Before it stopped downloading, I had not updated any software on the computer. I also ran df to make sure I wasn’t running out of disk space. I’m at a loss for how to solve this problem at this stage. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to provide additional information if necessary. Edit: I also wanted to note that for all four proxy settings, I’m using a proxy via SOCKS5. This is the same as on the other computer that downloaded successfully.

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Deluge stopped running and wouldn’t relaunch between 2 a.m. last night and 7 a.m. this morning. I tried everything: uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, reinstalling OLDER versions, compatibility, and so on… There was no such luck. I found an old post on this forum that helped me solve the problem: 1. Delete Deluge from your device. 2. Remove the Deluge folder from Program Files by hand (x86) 3. Uninstall C:/Users/USER NAME>/AppData/Roaming/deluge/ manually. (To see “AppData,” you can need to allow Show hidden files in “user name>.” There was no need to restart. I installed 1.3.12 and everything is working well. For the time being, I’ll stick with.12. My Windows 10 build number is 14393.222.

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It was 14 years ago today, on September 25, 2006. (2006-09-25)

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2.0.3 (as of June 12, 2019; 21 months ago) [] [] Launch of a sneak peek None at all [] []
Deluge is a cross-platform BitTorrent client written in Python that is free and open-source. Deluge employs a front-and-back end architecture in which libtorrent, a C++ software library that handles the application’s networking logic, is linked to one of many front ends, including a text console, a web interface, and a GTK+-based graphical desktop interface.
Deluge split its core from its gui in version 1.0, running it as a daemon (server/service), enabling users to access the program remotely over the internet.
[number four] Since the release of version 1.1.0 in January 2009, Deluge has supported magnet ties. (5)
Deluge was originally known as gTorrent, indicating that it was intended for use with the GNOME desktop environment. Due to an existing project called gtorrent on SourceForge, it was renamed to Deluge when the first version was released on September 25, 2006, in addition to the fact that it was finally coded to run not only on GNOME but on any platform that could support GTK+. [number six]

Deluge stopped working online

[Deluge] #1956: 1.3.3 has a bug that causes the update to fail every time. 26th of October, 2011 On a Raspberry Pi, use Deluge to build a headless torrent server. 21st of May 2018 bittorrent is a program that allows you to download files in a compressed format What is the location of Deluge’s active torrent files? When I made a fresh install after backing up everything, I had some torrent files downloading. As a result, the files are now incomplete, and I need to locate the previous torrent files (.torrent) in my backup in order to re-add them. The following is taken from the Deluge FAQ: /.config/deluge/state /.config/deluge/state /.config/deluge/ (Normally, the.config directory is hidden.) Deluge, a Torrent Seedbox Server, Setup | ServerSelf
23 April 2020 From the inside, Deluge looks like a VW Beetle, but once you open the hood, you might be looking at a Ferrari engine. Deluge can easily be transformed from a simple and light BitTorrent client into the most efficient torrenting tool if you learn how to optimize it like a pro.

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