Deluge stop seeding

Deluge stop seeding

How to seed or reseed a torrent

Hello there. If I use Deluge in Sonarr, I have files starting to download at /downloads/temp, then moving them to /downloads, which is also where my sabnzbd’s final destination folder is. These files are caught by Sonarr and processed afterwards. So, even though Sonarr already sees them and says they’re downloaded, and /Media/TV/Showname already has the file, Deluge keeps them in the /downloads folder.
I finally found it out on my own. In Deluge Preferences, I made the following changes: Tick avoid seeding when the share ratio reaches: 0, and tick delete torrent when the share ratio is reached under Queue.

How to install deluge bittorrent client with vpn on unraid as

I believe it is an oversight or something in some way, as you can set these things directly in core.conf and they work through daemon(or classic mode in GTKUI) and are only overwritten by that 0.5 default when/if you open preferences in GTKUI and change something else, but not when done through deluge-console config command, and I’m not sure about webUI prefer. If preferences aren’t opened, then all UIs are supported (and daemon alone). Personally, I believe the restriction should be eliminated, as it is in qbittorrent and other similar programs; for example, I recall reading years ago that the qbittorrent lead author used that setting as well. Notice that you can still upload when downloading, so it’s not like you’re disabling uploading, which I think is a little over the line, but for people using public torrents without VPNs and/or restricted bandwidth from their ISP(or VPN in some cases), such seeding limiting can be arguably warranted/approved imho, though of course it’s courteous to keep torrents running for at least some time after downloading.

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Most Internet Service Providers do not provide nearly or completely unlimited traffic or bandwidth, despite the fact that many do. One of the most common methods for limiting traffic is to throttle the entire link or to reduce Peer2Peer traffic speed until the network becomes quieter. Others can slow down your link if you go over a certain quota during peak hours. When the network is at its quietest, which is usually overnight, some ISPs don’t watch or count what you download. If you’re a frequent torrent user who downloads or uploads torrents on a daily basis, you’ll either have to physically be present at the right time to begin transfers, or you’ll have to start the torrents as soon as you can. Even if it means operating them during peak hours and potentially subjecting them to restrictions. Fortunately, there are methods for automatically starting and stopping torrent downloads and seeding. This function is built into or easily accessible in most popular torrent clients. Here’s a rundown of some of the most common torrent clients, along with instructions on how to schedule BitTorrent downloads in each. This eliminates the need for you to manually start and stop torrents.

How to turn off seeding (disable upload) after downloading

Despite the fact that my torrent meets all of these requirements, it is not deleted. After being renamed and copied over to the show’s directory, the file is processed and even removed from my Deluge completed folder. However, the torrent is not removed. It’s set to auto-manage and has been paused as a result of the seed ratio being reached. Please assist. I’d rather not have to keep track of completed torrents and delete them manually.
Transmission is causing me problems as well. After being seeded, entries are not being deleted. In addition… The file is being transferred to my shows folder as it should be. And I’ve left the Transmission entry pointing to the now-missing data. To me, this seems to be severely damaged.
But I’ve set it to the lowest possible setting, to try, and I’m happy to seed, but they never seem to finish… I’ve also set it to use my full upload speed…
Why is it always seeding if it says 100.00 percent seeding?
Hello there, I’m having the same issue as you. “The fact that it is removing it leads me to assume it is not importing through Completed Download Handling but rather through the Drone Factory archive – do you have the Drone Factory set? Is this the same place where Deluge stores completed downloads?”

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