Delete meetup messages

Delete meetup messages

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Is it possible to fully delete a conversation (person) with whom I have previously messaged so that no trace of the conversation remains in my Messages section? I’m aware that I can ‘archive’ a conversation so that it no longer appears in the Messages screen’s ‘inbox’ tab. However, I’d like the discussion to be excluded from the “archive” tab as well. As far as I can say, this is not possible, but I wanted to double-check just in case I’m missing anything. PLEASE EXCUSE THE DUPLICATE POST. I ASKED THIS QUESTION IN THE ‘MEMBER Topic AND QUESTION’ AREA PRIOR TO THIS AND RECEIVED 400+ VIEWS BUT NO REPLY. I THINK THIS IS THE RIGHT SECTION TO Pose THIS QUESTION NOW.
Please accept my apologies for not getting a response sooner. It’s likely it’s because the answer is no. I’m not aware of any way to fully delete message threads. I’m not sure why it’s set up like that. If you want to double-check, send an email to [email protected] to Meetup. They might be able to help you delete a thread.

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You may want to delete messages that were produced in error and are cluttering your computer, as well as groups that are no longer important. There are two options: permanently delete them (messages or groups) or store them for future reference (messages only).
Any group generated by another team member may be removed by organizational administrators, which will also remove the related group conversation. This can be achieved from the Coworkers tab’s Groups section or the Admin tab’s “Manage all groups” section. All messages on all devices used in the group will be removed until the group is deleted.
Rather than deleting a message or a party, you can only need to clear your computer. In that case, you can simply archive the posts that aren’t as relevant. Swipe the community or message to automatically archive it.

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The following is the message I sent to Meetup Support today:

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I found that all of my old messages from and to me had vanished a day or two ago. The most recent message was from August 2nd. They had been inaccessible for several months from their previous venue. I’m referring to the messages that appear at the top of the home page. Members who had sent me messages months earlier have either vanished or have become inaccessible. Please keep me updated on what’s going on. Is it a software issue? Is Meetup planning to delete all of our previous messages? Is this just impacting me, a select group of members, or the whole membership? Kindly notify me as soon as possible. Walking in San Francisco for Health and History, Howard S., Organizer
Mr. Howard, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Something similar has caught my eye, and it is worrying. When you scroll down to the bottom of your messages, you can usually click on anything to load more. The same can be said for one’s saved messages. However, under either tab, I can only see one loading’s worth of messages right now; there is no link to load more messages. I’ll also contact Meetup’s support team about this. I’m hoping it’s either a glitch, or a side effect of their never-ending attempts to patch what isn’t fixed.

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Your Meetup account cannot be restored after it has been deactivated. As a consequence, if you plan to return to Meetup in the future, you’ll need to build a new account. You will no longer receive email or updates from Meetup once your account is deactivated, and your profile will no longer be available or open.
How do I cancel my subscription to the organizer?
To go to the organizer subscription homepage, click here. Then pick Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu. Please note to cancel your organizer subscription until it is deleted because it renews automatically.

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