Delete hushmail account

Delete hushmail account

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Keep your email messages secret and confidential with a Hushmail account. Hushmail checks all incoming email for viruses and provides a spam filter, which is common for free email services.
Hushmail is a web-based email service that offers PGP-encrypted email as well as a vanity domain service. Hushmail has both a free and a premium version of its service. Hushmail is based on OpenPGP standards, and the source code can be downloaded. Hushmail will send authenticated, encrypted messages in both directions if both the receiver and the sender have public encryption keys. Hushmail can allow a message to be encrypted with a password and saved for pickup by the recipient if the recipient does not have a public key, or the message may be sent in plain text if the recipient does not have a public key. The company is preparing to release an iOS app with end-to-end encryption and full integration with web mail settings. The software is available in a beta version for testing.
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I’d like to back up my emails from a Hushmail non-premium account so that I can delete it. I tried using Thunderbird at first, but POP & IMAP is a “premium” feature. I figured I could adapt the code from this issue, but IMAP is still needed. I reasoned that instead of using IMAP, I might use something to loop through the content from the “display all headers” URL for each individual email. This is how it looks:
The username, i.e. local-part, is represented by USERNAME>>>, and the email number is represented by EMAIL NUMBER>>>. I have the first and last numbers, which I’ll refer to as first and last. The above connection can be used to collect all emails once I’m logged in to my Hushmail account via the browser, but there are gaps in the EMAIL NUMBER>> >’s, such as 100, 102, and 216, so a call to Hushmail is needed.

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Constructing User Accounts for Your Domain

How to recover hushmail account password

By signing into our webmail interface with the administrator account for your domain, you can create a new user account.

Adding user account when using domain/subdomain

Select Preferences from the upper-right menu, then press the Domain tab once you’ve signed in. After that, you’ll see a link to build a new user account.
Data on Billing
By clicking this link and signing into our billing page with your admin account, you can access all of your billing information for your Hushmail account. You can access previous transactions, download invoices, and update your credit card information from there.
HIPAA BAA Information
Within one business day of signing up for your Hushmail for Healthcare account, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your HIPAA BAA. Since the BAA is retroactive to the day you signed up for our service, you can use your account right away. If you have not received your BAA after one or more business days, please contact us using the form below and we will make sure you receive it as soon as possible.

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We’ll go into these advantages in greater depth later. We’ll be exploring how Hushmail implements OpenPGP in their servers in particular, since this is a double-edged sword when it comes to the security of your messages.
Hushmail is a product of Hush Communications, Ltd., a Canadian company that was founded in 1999. Hush Communications, Ltd., in turn, is a subsidiary of Hush Communications Corporation, a US-based company.
While the company stresses the protection they provide for your email messages, they also emphasize that they comply with Canadian warrants from both the Canadian and US governments demanding data from users.
The Five Eyes intelligence organization was founded by the United States and Canada. Both conduct large-scale intelligence operations and are suspected of spying on and sharing information about each other’s people, allowing them to avoid domestic espionage restrictions. They may and do pressure local businesses to assist them in spying on users, and they can use gag orders to prohibit those businesses from even warning the targets that they are being monitored.

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