Dd wrt slow wifi

Dd wrt slow wifi

[tshoot] dd-wrt repeater & repeater bridge issues

The same thing happens with firmware versions 1.15 and 1.21. I’ve had similar issues with 1.2 in the past, and switching to 1.0 solved them. I’m not ready to go back too far and risk losing the security gains. Speeds are based on my wireless phone. A strong 240 up/down is possible with Wired. There is no problem with being wired. Since I didn’t want to redo all of the settings, I didn’t do a complete factory reset; instead, I power cycled it a few times.
Is it possible to disable encryption and monitor the speeds? The MU-MIMO system should be unaffected. I don’t think the iPhone X has MU-MIMO, so that’s not a consideration. The speed of the secondary 5GHz band should not be that slow. Have you tried to contact technical support?
This is a fascinating development. I was concerned that the router was dying or losing radio signal power. I couldn’t figure out why it was acting so strangely. I started looking at new routers in preparation for purchasing one, but then decided to give it one more shot. I installed DD-WRT firmware and configured it in the same way (separating the three bands, checking them separately, and so on). My two 5Ghz bands were running at full speed (250Mbps), but 2.4 was still having 3 down and 6 up. Again, it’s illogical. Then I found a setting on the d-link OEM firmware that I didn’t remember seeing before. I changed the channel width from narrow to wide (40 MHz) and my speeds increased to 150 up/down. On the 2.4GHz band, that’s good enough for me. I don’t remember whether OEM firmware had a Channel Width option or what it was set to if it did. Perhaps it exists, but I’m sticking with DD-WRT. I like the extra configuration options, especially the increased number of static IP addresses. There are a slew of other cool features, and it’s a lot newer than the D-Link firmware.

Dd-wrt wifi how to set qos quality of service speeds to 10mb

I’m having an issue where I get 500 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up when I update my default Netgear firmware. My speed drops to 280 Mbps when I install either Tomato or DD-WRT firmware. I get my 500 Mbps down when I revert to my default Netgear firmware. The VPN choices are one of the reasons I want to use Tomato or DD-WRT. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, does anyone have a solution? I attempted to open a Tomato ticket for Shibby, but it was closed without explanation.
The explanation for this is that Broadcom CTF hardware nat acceleration will be available in Netgear firmware. Many standard features, such as per IP accounting, are incompatible with this; however, for Asus routers, asuswrt-merlin allows you to choose compatible features while retaining CTF; however, it’s likely that you only see the gain on speed test pages.
With this amount of equipment, I don’t think you can force 500mbit over a VPN. There isn’t nearly enough processing power. Bypassing FastNAT (or whatever they call it) allows you to use all of Tomato’s cool features, but you’ll lose full throughput. To get the best of both worlds, you’ll need more strong equipment. Most of us don’t have 500 megabits of bandwidth; instead, we have 25 or 50 megabits, or even less. However, at your speeds, there is a discernible difference.

Dd-wrt: better wifi range & speed by changing your

It is currently operating on stock firmware. The wifi is very sluggish compared to what it used to be; I only get 20 – 45 mbps on the 2.4ghz network and 50/65 mbps on the 5ghz network. )Occasionally, the 5ghz stops broadcasting if I change anything relevant to it) But, in any case, it’s on default settings, 20/40 for 2.4 and 40 for 5ghz. It says “up to 300mbps,” which I understand to be theoretical speeds. It’s on a different channel than the downstairs r7800, which broadcasts at maximum power (because its newer of course)

Dd-wrt web gui hangs, freezes, and is slow – trendnet

ATT tech support decided that my router needed to be replaced with a new ATT $80 Modem-Router because my internet speed was sluggish (1.5 Mbps out of a possible 6.0 Mbps), which was incorrect (I didn’t need a new $80 Modem-Router).
Turn on your router’s firewall, also known as the default gateway!!! What is the reason for this? This is sometimes switched off by default!! On each device, you must have a router firewall (also known as a hardware firewall) and a software firewall!!
Put your Wi-Fi password here!! This way, you can keep your insecure Wi-Fi network from your neighbors!! If they, you, or someone else in your house is downloading, real-time communication, such as “VoIP” or “online gaming,” will be slowed aka “lag”!! Notice that if you or anyone else is uploading files on your TCP/IP network, the speed will suffer!!

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