Dd wrt no internet access on wireless

Dd wrt no internet access on wireless

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Hello everybody, I’ve got a funny problem. I have a wrt45g router that I flashed with dd-wrt firmware. My internet access is provided by a wireless bridge that is linked to my router. It used to work perfectly, but I can’t recall how I set it up to work, and I’ve also forgotten my password. So I reset my router and now I don’t have internet. If I plug the bridge directly into my machine, I have internet; but, if I plug it into my router and try to link to my router’s wifi, I can connect but not access the internet. So it’s probably just a setting that I screwed up. Will someone assist me?

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There is nothing unusual about those data, and wireless is bridged to wired, so there should be no difference. I’d try to find out why the wifi devices aren’t connecting to the internet: is it a DNS issue? or has all traffic been halted? Are you able to connect to the router?
Examine your firewall rules to see if the DHCP ports 67-68 have been closed. If you did (for example, when configuring a new WIFI network, certain ports are not allowed by default via the firewall), the clients will connect but not receive an IP address, resulting in “no internet.”
Plex is unfamiliar to me, but does it use multicast in some way? If this is the case, igmp snooping must be allowed in your network configuration file on all LAN bridges/interfaces. This ensures that only the machines that are currently using the multicast traffic receive it. If this option is not activated, multicast packets will be transmitted across all interfaces. This is particularly problematic when using a wifi link. They become incredibly sluggish for others, and multicast traffic completely destroys the wifi link for others (including myself). If Plex is disabled, see if the problem continues. If disabling Plex resolves your problems, try enabling igmp snooping by adding the following to (all) of your LAN interfaces:

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Here’s what I’m up against: A wireless network (let’s call it “A”) provides my internet access. However, I don’t have much influence over that network. I have a dd-wrt-flashed wrt610n that I want to use as my main router/connection point to that network. I’m pretty sure I need to link at least one of the antennas to network A as a “client.” This works great for me, and I get a WAN IP on the router. Now, however, I’d like to give a different network (let’s call it “B”) to which my devices can connect. Both wired and wireless devices are included. Could anyone please assist me in finding out how to set it up to do this?
In DD-WRT, you can do this by setting up a wireless repeater. Basically, you connect your AP to the network as a client (as you have) and then create a sub-interface on the router that broadcasts a different SSID. This is linked to the router’s internal interfaces, allowing you to control the broadcast network.

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With my HTC One m9 Android 6 mobile, I’ve been attempting to resolve a wifi problem.

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My connection point is an older Netgear WAG102. It has WPA-2 AES protection and is 802.11g, 2.4 GHz. I’m unable to connect my phone to it. Any other access point I’ve tried connects to the phone, but not this one. What’s more amusing is that my coworker’s LG G5 running Android 6 connects to it without problem, as do iPhones and laptops, but NOT MY Computer! I’m aware that there are options, such as removing the access point. Is there any reason it won’t bind to this AP in particular? It’s driving me nuts. It simply tries to bind and then disconnects. I’m right next to it, so signal isn’t a problem. Has the most recent firmware. Instead of WPA2, I tried WPA. Nothing is able to bind it. I’ve even tried using a static IP instead of DHCP on the phone. Nothing has changed.
When you’re having trouble linking your HTC One M9 to your mobile data or Wi-Fi network, as well as Bluetooth devices, reset the network settings.
Tap > Settings > Backup & Restore from the Home screen.
Reset the network settings by tapping on it.
Reset the settings by pressing the Reset button.
Reset the settings by pressing the Reset button.

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