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Data wing ending

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UPDATE ON “DAN’S BIRTHDAY”! – It’s now possible to use Reverse Controls! For those of you who have requested this perplexing function, Mother appreciates your patience. Fixed a bug where the UI didn’t adjust to the new iPhone screen sizes properly :(- Corrections were made to the Hungarian and Czech versions. Look at that – it’s my birthday, but the gifts are going to you! 😀

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B-Wings (B, B-Uingu) is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Data East and published as an arcade game in 1984. The game was ported to the Family Computer in 1986. It was Data East’s first foray into the platform’s home market.
There are 45 levels in the game (30 in the Famicom version), and there is no background story or storyline. The player controls the FX-1, a robotic aircraft that collects weapon power-up parts (referred to as “wings”) in order to advance through the levels and eventually defeat a series of enemy bosses known as the GOBUNASU at each level’s end. If the player does not have a power-up, the game has two separate top-view screen levels where they can click the second button to descend to the ground. When the player is on the ground floor, they are unaffected by airborne unit attacks, but the ship is immediately taken back into the air after a certain amount of time. When on the ground stage, the player can still be attacked by ground units and lose their ship if they collide with obstacles. The player’s movements are controlled by an 8-way joystick, with one button for shooting and the other for descending to the ground (or un-equipping wings). When the player scrolls horizontally, the background picture continues indefinitely. [requires citation]

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This is without a doubt my favorite mobile game, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also entertaining! The game revolves around a “data wing,” or triangle, as you’ll be referred to later, that has to fly around and deliver payloads for your ostensible boss, mother. Now, I won’t give anything away about the plot, so I’ll just say this: the story is engrossing, and picking up the documents in each stage pays off because they contribute to the main plot line. The story is also very accessible to different interpretations and hypotheses, which adds to the intrigue.
Now for the gameplay: the controls are a little finicky at first, but they’re simple to get used to, and the brake mechanic isn’t used, so it doesn’t get in the way, so that’s a plus. When attempting to execute a precise maneuver, the steering buttons are the two halves of your screen, which makes reactions much simpler. The level design is fantastic, and it’s also a lot of fun. Each level introduces a new twist and new features to be aware of, as well as the endless crashing into walls.

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On my Android, I sometimes install a new game to kill some time with. Basically, I play a little when I have to wait for an appointment. Normally, I finish puzzles that are more of the same, or that are very similar to other games, and that offer no interesting novelty.
But every now and then, I’m shocked. In the case of Data Wing, this was the case. It’s a straightforward game with straightforward controls, straightforward gameplay, and a straightforward plot!! This is the aspect that I enjoyed the most. As you might know, I teach a computer game development course, and sometimes one of my students will say that they want to make a simple racing game or something similar, with no story because it is a racing game. Data Wing demonstrates that a story can be told in any game. And in this case, it’s a fascinating one.
Aside from that, I like the bright colors and “visual noise,” as well as the fact that the controls are covered. Why take up screen real estate with two keys for turning right and left? Simply inform the player that there are two large hidden keys, and they will no longer need to hold their visual. It becomes second nature.

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