Data entry screen

Data entry screen

Fully automated data entry form in excel – part 5 (full screen

To begin entering a new estimate, go to the New Estimate/Search screen and click the Create a New Estimate button. Then, under Commercial Estimator: Data Screens, choose either Directed Entry or Detailed Estimate Data Screens.
Using a set of simple data entry screens, enter the basic information about a building using the Directed Entry screens.
You can switch from screen to screen when entering an estimate using these screens by using one of the following methods:
Commercial Estimator’s Detailed Estimation Data screens follow the Commercial Estimator worksheet and provide all of the program’s data fields.
You can collect data for the software using the worksheet, or you can type it directly into the estimate data screens.


Creating a data entry screen in excel

You can now use the Basis ONLY if different from cost field if the depreciable basis is different from the asset’s cost. Enter the date in the Date placed in service (ONLY if different from date acquired) sector if the asset was placed in service on a different date than when it was purchased.
You can now insert the date in the Date taken out of service IF NOT SOLD area if an asset is taken out of service or abandoned but not sold. Check the box Do Not Upgrade to Next Year if the asset should not be updated to the following year. The property type box has been deleted, and the Additional Asset Information portion has been added.

Data entry screens

To print the form, select “View Reports” from the drop-down menu next to the print icon. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll be taken to the reporting preview screen, where you can preview and export reports to PDF for printing.
Use this to import data from an excel spreadsheet on your computer or from a place other than PMWeb. If you’ve made your decision, you’ll be brought to an import screen where you’ll be asked to upload the file you want to import. You’ll also be required to map the column headers to the column headers or fields that exist in PMWeb. You must choose the mapping if the column headers differ. The fields/columns will be automatically mapped if the column headers in the spreadsheet match the PMWeb fields. After you’ve done mapping, click Import. PMWeb will now be filled with the information from your spreadsheet.
By dragging the column headers (date, revision, etc.) to this field, you can create different views of the type. After you’ve finished configuring the views, press Save Layout. Press Load Default Layout to return to the original/default layout.

Creating easy data entry forms in excel

Many APEX apps need data entry, which should be carefully considered when designing screens for mobile use cases. This page explains a few Universal Theme trends, as well as some general guidelines for developing forms and data entry pages for small screens.
Consider using the Floating Labels field models for your page objects when designing data entry screens for mobile. These models are particularly well-suited to mobile apps, as they have a much larger tap area for gaining attention and larger text for easier reading. When a value is entered, the field label shrinks automatically, but it remains visible on screen so the context is not lost.

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