D block torrent

D block torrent

D-block & s-te-fan | defqon.1 weekend festival 2019

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D-block & s-te-fan – bla bla

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have yet to come up with a satisfactory idea. I share a network with four other people in my house. One of them is my brother, who is the problem child in this story. Unfortunately, I taught him how to use torrents, and if he does, it consumes the majority of the available bandwidth. I attempted to show him how to close the app and monitor seeding/downloading, but he refused to learn. I’ll be playing an online game while he sleeps (he works nights), and when he sleeps, he locks his door, so I can’t get to his machine to turn off bit torrent (because he always leaves it on). Is there any way I can control this without interacting with his machine locally? Is it possible to do it through the router? I tried blocking the ports that BitTorrent uses, but the program still consumes bandwidth (albeit at a reduced rate) and connects peers in some way.
I’ve been essentially removing the wifi, but this effectively shuts down his entire internet (which causes fights between us). Is there any way I can block his torrenting behavior while allowing him access to other parts of the internet, such as websites that use port 80? I’ve set up DCs in the past using Windows 2008 and 2012, but I’m not a server engineer by any means. Is there a way to restrict this using one of the server roles/features while still allowing him to have admin privileges?

Read the dmca complaint

Hello there, I’ve been looking for a page in the admin settings to block ports but haven’t been able to find one. The aim of port blocking is to prevent unknown users from downloading files through torrent programs. I did some testing and it appears that blocking port 6880 to port 6999 would prevent people from using torrent programs. If you know of a simpler way to do it, please let us know. + Is there a way to enable a specific device (my computer) to use the ports after I’ve blocked them? Thank you so much!

Pfsense 2.4.4 – firewall rules – permit one site and block any

I saw some promising futures for him, such as blocking websites or protocols, since he owns the ADSL modem. If the forbidden word is pirate, for example, thepiratebay.com will be blocked while wikipedia.org/pirate will not.
It’s true that bandwidth throttling or restricting will be beneficial. This could be done from his torrent client or, if his router has good firmware, from the router itself (consider tomato and dd-wrt 3rd party firmwares if the stock does not support those QoS features).
I’d use traffic prioritization and rate limiting. By obstructing traffic, he would be forced to look for alternatives. By limiting his traffic, you’ll be able to divide the link more evenly.

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