Custom tip jars

Custom tip jars

Streamlabs tip jar setup guide – obs tutorial

Tip Jars with Lights for Uber and Rideshare Drivers Add this lovely, illuminated tip jar, and you’ll be able to catch up on all those Uber tips you’ve skipped! There’s no need to hang a cheesy “Tips are appreciated” sign: these tip jars are a beautiful reminder that tipping is expected in the service industry, and that beginning your shift with a tip is a good idea.
There’s no need for a cheesy “Tips are appreciated” sign: these tip jars are an artistic reminder that tipping is the rule in the service industry, and beginning your shift with a few bills in your jar would add the social proof that they can treat the last passengers with respect.
Our tip jar has a silver heart with the words “Thank you!” etched on it, which is our drivers’ favorite and most powerful sticker.
A set of LED lights included with your tip jar illuminates the words.
The tip jar is beautifully illuminated by 20 LED lights in blue, pink, or warm white.
Two (2) CR-2032 (or CR-2035) batteries are included with the tip jar and power the lights.
The battery compartment is hidden within the tip jar and can be removed for cleaning or battery replacement.

How to set up a tip jar on your stream

Everyone who has worked in a restaurant or other service industry knows how difficult it is to get customers to tip. Customers will be reminded that tipping – and tipping well! – benefits the individual whose name is emblazoned across the front of the pot. If you give this gift to your father, sibling, or close friend, they will be thrilled to receive this engraved tips jar to display at the front of their counter. And they’ll be sure to remember you if they get a tip!

How to setup a tip jar in obs – twitch tip jar tutorial

This is a fantastic app, and when I couldn’t adjust anything, the engineers quickly fixed it for me. It’s run by a team that’s very effective and knows what they’re doing. It comes highly recommended. The guys who repaired it were speedbootr. Using them without a doubt!
Excellent app that is plain, straightforward, and easy to use. It works well for us as a fast donation before checkout. The customer service is fantastic; not only did they assist us in resolving the dispute with other apps, but they also went above and beyond by offering various solution solutions and suggestions about how to overwrite the theme code in the best way possible. Thank you for making this app and the support service available to us.

Instructional: custom jar for streamlabs “the jar” widget

If you give your followers the choice to submit a tip as a way of saying “thank you,” many would be happy to do so. Tip Jar WP makes this possible with out-of-the-box features including automatic periodic payments and one-time tips.
Well, the machine was great…until it suddenly stopped working. And the tech support team had no idea what was going on. As a result, we’ve lost thousands of dollars in sales because they don’t understand how their own device operates and aren’t attentive when it breaks.
I required a fast tip-accepting solution. After looking at a couple, I chose this one because it was simple and straightforward. The installation and setup were easy, and there is just enough customization without making a simple feature overly complicated. During the first outing, I received an error that prevented me from submitting, but the developer was quick to react, quickly resolving the issue and pushing out an update. It’s impossible to ask for anything more.

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