Custom protection security

Custom protection security

A day in the life of a protective security officer

Safety is paramount. Choose security services that are dependable and competent. Many of our employees have backgrounds in law enforcement or military service. In the field of personal protection, we are eager, willing, and well-trained.
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With our indispensable investigative services, you can hire with trust. We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that your future employee is a good fit for you and your business.
Process ServersOur team and network of registered and bonded process servers are ready to help. Court filings, procedure serving, e-filings, videos, notaries, and document retrieval are all handled by our network of affiliates.
We notarize documents for real estate sales, landlord groups, title agencies, hospitals, adoption papers, law offices, jails & prisons, and corporate board rooms.

A day in the life of g4s custom protection officer – kyle h

CUSTOM PROTECTION SECURITY (CPS) offers competent, on-site security services, including executive and dignitary protection, private investigators, and home and business security monitoring, as well as advising the most effective use of security services.
CUSTOM PROTECTION SECURITY (CPS) provides commercial and residential high-rise properties in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys with the highest quality uniformed security guard and uniformed concierge services.

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Custom Protective Services is a nationwide firm that provides a comprehensive range of security and personal protection services that are unmatched in terms of professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Custom Protective Services has learned that its business is as much a public relations service as it is a security and safety service after more than 25 years of providing protection and security for commercial companies, corporate complexes, private estates, and VIPs. With this in mind, our agents always treat our clients with respect and politeness. We are experts at assisting you in putting in place a first-rate protection service that keeps up with your ever-changing security and protection requirements “Because of their high standards in guard selection and quality training, Custom Protective has always been a top choice for security services. They collaborate with our organization to recognize and meet our unique requirements, and, perhaps most importantly, they have excellent organizational responsiveness and follow-up in the event of an exceptional circumstance.”

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You will be able to engage in the Promote Me! Community as an employee. Current workers may use Promote Me! to demonstrate their interest in further promotion, as well as obtain knowledge and facilitate professional growth.
Please contact our Corporate Human Resources Department at (800) 506-6265 if you have any concerns about Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, or Diversity and Inclusion, or if you are having trouble using the online system and need an alternative way to apply.

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