Css is awesome

Css is awesome

Css is awesome with variable fonts

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How to create an awesome navigation bar with html & css

Hidde de Vries recently gave a talk titled “On the Roots of Cascades.” It was a fascinating chat, full of fascinating historical tidbits about the history and evolution of browser-based doing styles.
Hidde compares the theory of natural selection to how adaptive CSS has been and continues to be. He points out that one of the most significant factors in CSS’s success is its ability to adapt to a wide range of needs emerging from the web’s user base.
I especially enjoyed Hidde’s mockery of the “CSS is Amazing” meme. You’re already aware of it. It’s something I’ve seen. It made me laugh. It’s a well-known example of what people think is wrong with CSS:
And when we point and laugh, it’s simply because we don’t like—or understand—the CSS defaults. Here, the overflow is working as expected. We simply haven’t studied or comprehended CSS at that stage.
Yes, that seems to be strange. But if you look at the spec and consider the processes at work deep inside the language (in this case, coercion), you’ll start to see how and why it’s written the way it is.

Css-tricks screencast #129: emmet (is awesome)

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with CSS since Brandon Smith’s post about how it’s amazing was published in mid-2017. I believe it expresses something profound about the language that hasn’t been said before:
CSS is difficult to master because its properties interact in unpredictable ways. And you never set only one of them when you set one of them. That one thing interacts with, bounces off of, and contradicts a slew of other factors, including default settings that you never set.
One rule of thumb to prevent this is to never be more overt than required. By design, web pages are responsive. Instead of overriding this fact, good CSS writing makes use of it. If necessary, use percentages or viewport units instead of a media question. Wherever possible, use min-width instead of width. Instead of only adding properties before things look right, think in terms of laws, in terms of what you actually mean to say. Try to get a sense of how the browser manages layout and sizing, and then make the adjustments and additions judiciously on top of that. Instead of battling CSS, work with it.

Css is awesome ! (igor laborie)

T-shirt with the phrase “CSS Is Awesome” on it.

#futurecss – the css subgrid is awesome!

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T-shirt with the phrase “CSS Is Awesome” on it.
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