Cross out calendar

Cross out calendar

Notion holistic calendar hacks: workshop

Because of my new career, I was only able to see my girlfriend twice a month when I moved to another country. To pass the time, I made easy calendars from today to the next meeting date, crossing out one day each morning as we got closer to the reunion.
As a result, I’ve added TRAVEL calendars with trip tracking capabilities. It helps me to see how much (or how little) we traveled and which countries we visited in addition to crossing out dates and tracking days left and days passed. And who knows what adventures we’ll have in store for us in the future.
I have a common experience with the STREAK calendar. I’m having an ethernal battle with weight loss and eating well. Traditional habit trackers were ineffective because it was too easy to record a new good day with a tap, and it was even easier to break the chain with another tap.
As a result, I attempted to draw a rectangle with blocks, each representing one day. With each good day, I add a green pen to a new block. I was more hesitant to break the chain because I spend more time and energy filling up these days – I’d have to draw another rectangle and start over. Through this approach, I was able to maintain healthy habits for a longer period of time.

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Every day is a blank canvas to be painted on.

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Strike a pose or draw something – your imagination is the only limit.

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For me, each calendar style has a special significance.

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Because of a new career, I was only able to see my girlfriend twice a month when I moved to another country. To pass the time, I made easy calendars that ran from today to the next meeting date, and each morning I crossed off another day, bringing me closer to the reunion. With each new departure, I create a new calendar. And here’s another…
As a result, I decided to create an app to automate the process. DEADLINE calendars allow me to easily construct certain calendars and add details such as days remaining and days past. We travel extensively as a group, so some reunions overlap with holidays or trips to other countries. And seeing a country flag in the calendar rather than just a circled date is far more appealing. So, to keep track of trips and journeys, I’ve added a TRAVEL calendar. It helps me to see how far (or how little) we traveled, what countries and cities we visited, and what potential trips await us, in addition to crossing out dates and monitoring days left and passed. You might make notes for each ride, including future plans and things to recall from previous ones. You are not restricted to crossing out days; you are free to draw anything you want. You may also use text labels that are editable. Your imagination is the only limit. Travel calendars allow you to see your travel statistics, such as the number of countries visited, the number of country visits, the number of days traveled each year, the longest trip, and the longest time between trips. Go to the Trip list of a Travel calendar to see your stats. Your Travel calendar may be viewed as a Life calendar based on statistics. STREAK calendars aid in the development of new behaviors and the enhancement of my life.

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I have a workbook in which I have created a range called essential dates on the first sheet. The date is in column 1, the assignment is in column 2, the third column is True or False depending on whether the check box is checked, and the topic is in column 4.
How do I use my finished check box to mark true or false in the important dates range on the first worksheet so that I can cross out the related task and topic from my monthly calendars?
On the Homework Schedule sheet, the check boxes are in column A, under “Done.” When the box is checked, they enter true in Column D. (you have to click on the cells to see). If you look at some of the things that are done for the month of April on the Homework Schedule sheet, I have conditional formatting set up to cross out the date, case, and event sort for the If you look at some of the things that are done for the month of April on the Homework Schedule sheet, what I would like to do is have those items that are done also have strikethrough on the Apr sheet.

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I’m starting an exercise regimen, and I’ve noticed that marking off the days that I exercise on a calendar has helped me in the past. I realized that I spend much more time looking at my Macbook desktop than at my bedroom wall, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of an application that will allow me to have a calendar embedded on my desktop with at least one full month showing at a time, and allow me to mark off the days that I work out?
Use the built-in calendar (which came with OS X), open it, press the (+) sign to add a new event for today, type worked, and then you have a lot of choices to choose from.
It still doesn’t allow for an embedded calendar to be completely available on the Desktop all of the time, but it does add it to the menubar for easy access. It syncs with your current calendar (iCal, Calendar, Outlook, and so on) and lets you quickly add appointments by clicking the menubar icon and typing a few words.

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