Crash override network leaks

Crash override network leaks

“i would really prefer if you’d be quiet” – sgdq 2014

This article was intended to be at least comparatively comprehensive, but due to the sheer length of the logs, which are dense with compromising content, it has taken an extremely long time to complete. This article will be updated when new information becomes available, and it will be liberally edited. At the bottom of the page is a list of significant edits.
The archives of a Skype community hosted by CON co-chairs Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz can be found here.
The archives span the dates of December 22, 2014, and January 5, 2015, and total about 50,000 lines, or nearly a million words.
As described twice in the logs, the group’s goal was to form an anti-harassment group, which would eventually become Crash Override Network.
The participants in the proto-CON chat also helped to draft the charter and documents for CON. These individuals seem to be members of CON’s anonymous “survivors” team, who are reportedly assisting assault victims.
Former members Ian Cheong, Randi Harper, and Peter Coffin have all confirmed the authenticity of the logs. I’ve been in touch with the anonymous community that parsed the logs, and I’ve found some additional evidence that backs up the logs’ veracity.

Reading way too much into hackers

According to monitoring websites, the conservative social network Parler was taken offline on Monday after Amazon warned the company that it would lose access to its servers if it did not properly police violent content.
Similarly, a Reddit user known as ‘BlueMountainDace’ revealed how Parler’s hosting site Twilio revealed the app’s security authentications in a press release by mistake. This made it very simple for someone to gain access to Parler’s personal information, such as chat history, geodata, and even his driver’s license.
This user on Parler describes it very well. Because of new security vulnerabilities at Parler, all of that “free expression” can now be shared and archived with the rest of the world, even though the posters wanted to delete their not-so-innocent videos and GPS info. YbjbwXQitj
According to monitoring websites, the conservative social network Parler was taken offline on Monday after Amazon warned the company that it would lose access to its servers if it did not properly police violent content.

Crash override: con chat leaks @unburntwitch

Books on Public Policy

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In her new book Crash Override, game designer Zoe Quinn writes, “I always find myself having to justify absolutely nonsensical nonsense.”

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“It’s also difficult to form a relationship with someone who doesn’t understand you.”
Quinn’s memoir-length attempt to grapple with her Internet past, which has become all too common: she was a widely visible victim of an Internet harassment, bullying, and threat campaign as Gamergate’s “patient zero,” as she puts it. She writes about her early childhood growing up poor, provides a primer on the hate-filled corners of the Internet, walks us through how the justice and police systems perceive the online world, and attempts to provide a thorough look at the ways oppressed people experience violence on online media to give us a sense of what it was like. For 238 pages, that’s a tall order.
Quinn hasn’t written an easy-to-understand guide to online hatred for non-Internet users, and she has difficulty relating broader social problems to her complex personal past. She, on the other hand, does not squander this opportunity. Crash Override is a fast-paced thriller with candid stories and embedded insight. Quinn’s first book has its flaws, but it’s essential reading for those interested in the evolution of online debate over the last two decades.

The crash override network log leaks #gamergate

The details may be used to track down rioters who might have been involved in a security breach at the US Congress building. The hacker was previously involved in assisting academic researchers in transferring and storing Parler data to another source so that it could be further studied for research purposes, according to The Independent.
Last Wednesday, a riotous crowd surrounded the US Congress building as a joint session to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory was taking place. Moments after President Donald Trump addressed a crowd outside Capitol Hill, a mob bearing pro-Trump flags infiltrated the house. Five people were killed during the storming of the house, including a Capitol police officer, prompting calls for Trump’s resignation.

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