Correo in english

Correo in english

How to say “correo”! (high quality voices)

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Spanish word for email is el correo electrónico

El Correo (Spanish pronunciation: [el kore.o]; lit. ‘The Courier’) is the most widely distributed daily newspaper in Bilbao and the Basque Country of northern Spain. It is one of Spain’s most famous general interest newspapers.
On May 1, 1910, Fernando, Gabriel, and Emilio Ybarra and de la Revilla founded El Pueblo Vasco (“The Basque People”), with Juan de la Cruz as founding editor. The paper backed Vizcaya’s young Conservative Party, with a clerical, Alfonsist monarchist, free press, and Basque regional autonomy editorial line. La Gaceta del Norte was the paper’s main rival in Bilbao.
El Correo moved to its new headquarters in Calle Pintor Losada in 1965, converted to a tabloid format, and increased the number of pages. El Correo surpassed La Gaceta del Norte as the best-selling newspaper in northern Spain for the first time in 1976.
Between 1955 and 1978, El Correo was the organizer of La Vuelta, the annual bicycle race around Spain. The Royal Spanish Cycling Federation barred the race from going through the Basque Country in the late 1970s due to ETA attacks on the race, and increased chaos around the race in the late 1970s during the Spanish transition to democracy, resulting in El Correo’s declaration in January 1979 that it would no longer organize the race. It was later sponsored by Unipublic[4], a sports event organization, and did not return to the Basque Country until 2011. (5)

How to say ‘post office’ in spanish?

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Correos, or Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., is a state-owned company that provides postal services in Spain. It also has responsibility for mail services in Andorra due to bilateral agreements with the French company La Poste.

Tips to write an spanish formal email

Pose the following question to yourself: “Does there exist a faster or more effective way of dealing with this situation?” Many people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every day. As a result, you must ensure that your email is the quickest, clearest, and most efficient means of communicating in your situation.
Many employers can provide you with a company email address that you must use. If this is the case, the issue has already been resolved. Use a company email address for work and a personal email address for personal matters.
With a business address, you can make your messages look more professional, which is an advantage if you’re writing a formal message but not if you’re chatting with a friend. As a result, having two email addresses is a smart idea.
As previously mentioned, people receive a large number of emails each day. If your message is unclear, lengthy, or has an aggressive tone, it’s likely that the recipient will not reply right away. It’s also likely that you’ll forget to reply or that the email will be deleted.

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