Connection problem couldnt establish a secure connection

Connection problem couldnt establish a secure connection

How to fix “can’t establish a reliable connection to the server

My website is hosted on a standard OVH VPS with Apache2.4. The root index is currently just a test page, but the end result is the same. I get the message “Safari cannot open the page because it could not create a safe link to the server” whenever I try to load it from my iPhone, despite the fact that I’m using HTTPS and SSL. It also works well when my phone is connected to the internet, and I have no trouble loading the website from my laptop. Web emulators also confirm that it is working properly. The page was mostly working after I reset my iPhone’s browsing information—a Font Awesome icon was missing, as was a gif image—but after a few minutes, it started loading again.
Does this appear to be an Apache issue? Is there an issue with SSL? Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. I used the test, which was recommended in a similar article, and got an A+, despite some errors. Please let me know if you need any additional details.

How to fix couldn’t sign in. can’t establish a reliable

I have a Java project that uses mssql-jdbc-7.0.0.jre8.jar to bind to SQL Server. The code runs fine when I run the project with “mvn exec:java.” When I build the project into a jar with “mvn clean compile package” and copy the jdbc jar into the target directory, I get the error ERROR connecting to SQL Server: The driver could not create a safe connection to SQL Server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. “SQL Server did not respond,” says the error message. The link has now been terminated.

How to fix safari cannot establish a secure connection to

After a period of time on the Internet, the Safari browser can stop loading those websites. We’ve received a lot of reports from Mac users who say they get the “a safe link could not be built” error message while using Safari or Chrome. Experienced Mac users often try but fail to resolve the problem. Cleaning browsing data, cache, permissions, and resetting network settings typically fixes various browser issues, but they don’t fix the error message “a safe link could not be created.”
This issue can be challenging for both new and seasoned Mac users, but luckily, we have a range of solutions after reviewing user feedback and suggestions. This error message may be caused by a variety of factors. The simplest way to find a solution is to try all of the methods listed in this guide; these should resolve the error message “a stable link could not be formed.”

How to fix couldn’t sign in. can’t establish a reliable connection

When you install some external software programs, they can adjust your computer’s default proxy settings without notifying you. Check that your proxy settings haven’t changed, and if you don’t want to use a proxy, pick “No proxy.”
Advanced users should know that if you don’t have a supported location, you should try reformatting it to a supported file system. Please keep in mind that this choice can necessitate erasing the disk first, which carries the risk of data loss. Please use this option only if you’re familiar with your computer’s advanced settings. The necessary steps to reformat your drive without losing data can be found on the websites of your operating system’s manufacturer:
Other applications on your computer (especially software you’ve downloaded from untrustworthy sources) can change permissions. If the permissions issue reappears after restarting the machine, it is likely that another program on your computer is responsible. If you know how, look at your system authorization logs, or have your computer looked at by a professional to figure out which software is causing the problem.

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