Connect ps4 to pc ethernet

Connect ps4 to pc ethernet

Ps4 lan remote play directly to pc with ethernet cable

I’m having some issues connecting my PS4 Pro to the internet via ethernet cable. First and foremost, I’m renting a room and am unable to connect my PC or PS4 to the internet via cable. To get maximum internet speed on 5GHz wifi, I recently purchased an ASUS PCE-AC56 network interface adapter. I’ve installed the most recent drivers and downloaded all Windows updates, and the internet is working fine. Since the network card on my PS4 only connects at 60mb/s, I came up with the concept of connecting it directly to my PC via cable to get the maximum speed of my internet connection. I linked my PC to my PS4 and then went into network settings to share the internet I was receiving via wifi to an Ethernet interface. When I go to the console to configure my LAN link, after it’s finished and I’m linked to the network, my PC displays a bluescreen with the error “PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED Region” and the connection is lost. I still don’t have a link on my PS4 after restarting the device, and the network sharing option is unchecked in the network settings. My console still doesn’t have any games when I turn it on.

Connect your ps4 to your windows pc through ethernet to

With a feature called Remote Play, Sony’s PlayStation 4 can now stream games to Windows PCs and Macs. That means you can play your games on your PC or laptop instead of the TV when your spouse or roommates want to watch something else.
Remote Play isn’t exactly new; it’s always worked with some Sony devices, and you can use it to stream PS4 games to any Android device unofficially.
The PS4’s Remote Play, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One-to-PC streaming, works over the Internet, not just your local network. It also lets you stream games to Macs rather than just Windows PCs.
To do this, the PlayStation 4 must be running firmware 3.50 or higher. Go to your PS4’s Settings screen and click “System Software Update” to ensure you have the most recent firmware updates. If there are any available updates, your PS4 will notify you and allow you to download them.
For optimum game streaming, Sony recommends an Internet connection with download and upload speeds of at least 12Mbps. If you’re not sure how fast your Internet connection is, you can use the SpeedTest website to find out. This is only applicable if you intend on streaming games over the Internet. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how fast your Internet connection is–your network is generally fast enough.

Connecting ps4 to internet using desktop pc

Prior to that, I had been looking for an exact guide on how to link these two devices with a single LAN cable, but most of them were only half-baked instructions with no clear description, and they might even cause some errors if done incorrectly. Now I’m going to write it all down so that everyone can get the proper instructions on how to set it up.
To make changes to the adapter, go to [Network & Internet Settings > Change Adapter Options] in Windows OS. Then, right-click the wifi adapter that you used to connect to the internet and pick Properties from the context menu. Then, as seen in the image below, go to the Sharing tab and allow Internet Connection Sharing:
Also, if the box with adapter name appears when you have several LAN or/and VPN connections carries virtual LAN adapters, make sure you are selecting the correct adapter name by selecting the LAN adapter name.
3. Next, go to [Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a Lan Cable> Custom] and change the IP Address Settings to Manual. Then, as seen in the image below, type in the IP address:

How to play ps4 on pc directly via lan (ethernet cable

WiFi extender in my room (about 10-15 meters from main router) extending range of main router, ethernet cable from wifi extender to pc and ps4 connected to main router with a very poor and laggy link
With this current configuration, even when linked via ethernet to the wifi extender (TP-Link RE-305), I have a lot of lag spikes on my PC, and the PS4’s connectivity is terrible because it has to bind to the 2.4ghz connection, which is terrible from the main router. What I’m wondering is whether a new and improved wifi extender or a network switch would be the best way to give my PC and PS4 a good link with low ping, because the wifi extender only has a single ethernet port.
Of course, ethernet isn’t always feasible. However, powerline or MoCA are fine compromises. Have you given it any thought? These are two inventions that, in my opinion, are greatly underappreciated. Users tend to switch between the two extremes of ethernet and wireless without worrying about the other alternatives.

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