Computer club activities

Computer club activities

Lu computer science club 2018-2019 activities

Throughout the year, numerous club events are held to enable students to showcase and hone their talents as well as train them for intra-school competitions. Students may grow their personal interests and hobbies while also developing their leadership and social skills through club activities. We have 20 clubs to choose from, and students in grades VI to XII can join any of them based on their interests. The Vice Principal, Associate Vice Principal, and teachers interview and appoint the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary for each club. The chosen students schedule the year’s events. During club hours, students share their thoughts and enjoy learning from one another. Every step of the way, teachers are there to assist them. Experts are also invited to speak with the students about their ideas.
This club was established to allow students to meet and learn from one another’s scientific interests and abilities. Projects are intended to pique students’ interest in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology while also teaching them how to innovate and be creative.

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Do you need some extracurricular computing club ideas?

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Are you a computing organizer or subject leader who has been asked to start a computing club but is unsure where to begin? Or are you a computer nerd who wants to help kids get excited about computers? When something positive happens or is about to happen…. about programming outside of the computer science curriculum? Perhaps you’ve noticed some students at your school who have a special aptitude for computers and want to help them further their education? In any case, it’s an additional task on top of your already hectic schedule, and coming up with fresh and innovative ideas can be difficult at times.
That’s where we can help. We’ve compiled a list of fantastic computing club ideas that you can easily incorporate in your school and that your students can enjoy. Feelings of love for your mates, and you’ll have more time to do the other things on your to-do list.
Don’t know where to begin? Check it out for free. A judge and, normally, a jury evaluate facts in order to determine whether or not the defendant is guilty or not guilty…. of Kapow Primary to get new and fresh computing ideas!

Computer club activities

I teach web design, web programming, and computer science to high school students. I’ve started a tech club for 9th-12th graders at the behest of a group of kids (and a few parents), and the first meeting is tomorrow. Each meeting will be about an hour long. I’m looking for some fun things to do with my kids. I don’t want too much overlap with the classes I already teach (for example, I don’t want to teach Java at club meetings because that’s what I teach in CompSci). I was considering the following tasks as key meeting activities: * 1 hour web page* PC maintenance, such as washing, downloading RAM, and the like* PC troubleshooting, such as what to do when hardware or OS problems arise* Choosing the Best Laptop for College Any other suggestions? Thank you, Pete is a guy who likes to
Are you trying to make this ‘fun,’ or are you trying to make it mostly educational? Not that the two are mutually exclusive or that everyone’s concept of fun is the same, but I believe that for a club, you must also ensure that the kids have fun because it is completely voluntary. Also, do you want each session to be fully self-contained, or would you prefer to work on a longer-term project, such as constructing a machine or a robot, or competing in a school technology competition? Set up a LAN and then play TF2 for the rest of the class, as suggested by Spungy.

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This year’s Coding Club has been a lot of fun, and we’ve all strengthened our coding skills. Some of us have been building and programming our own robot alligator using the Lego Wedo equipment! Some of the club’s Year 6 participants have used some of their spare time to study for their SATs.
Some of our gifted students used our Lego Wedo kits to design their own robot alligator, which they then transformed into a short film! They began with a box of bricks and a few instructions, and over the course of three weeks, they worked tirelessly to create and program their robot. Since the program didn’t have many instructions, this was a daunting process that really put the kids’ problem-solving abilities to the test and demonstrated their tenacity. Below is a rundown of their programming as well as a video. Shivam, Jeevan, and Kerith, you should be very proud of yourself!
We’ve even used the online software Scratch to make our own programs. Rosie also created her own character, which you can see in action below. We all formed a band and created a scoring game. Tap on the link below to practice your coding skills using Scratch at home.

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