Community bulletin board

Community bulletin board

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An electronic bulletin board has been placed at the intersection of South Street and Springfield Avenue by the borough of New Providence. The Community Bulletin Board’s mission is to support community-oriented activities related to municipal, county, and school events. Please read the Bulletin Board Policy before sending a bulletin board request if your company wishes to post an announcement on the bulletin board.
Recycle Coach is a free app created by Union County to make recycling and solid waste information more available to County residents and to involve the public in the “Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle” principles.
Telephone service has been disrupted across New Jersey due to a significant fiber optics outage. The borough’s phone lines are currently down. Crews are working to resolve the issue. If you need to contact the borough in the meantime, please use the Contact Us forms. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

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Students present artwork and nonfiction writing that reacts to the issues posed in the document. As a result, students’ learning and ideas are represented visually, collaboratively, and creatively. A group newsletter is an alternative to the bulletin board.
Students use a group bulletin board to educate others about critical social justice problems and to express their views by writing and producing artwork together. Students gain a better understanding of how literacy and social action are linked when they collaborate on content.
Working cooperatively with others, practicing expressing their thoughts verbally, and learning from others’ use of language are all advantages of this task for English language learners. English language learners have the ability to creatively share their thoughts, opinions, and expertise by using layout components and artwork to complement the writing. The learning modalities most heavily emphasized in this project are verbal, spatial/artistic, and interpersonal, if the project is done collaboratively.

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Is your organization involved in intellectual, charitable, civic, cultural, educational, and/or recreational activities in your community? Do you want to make your programs, facilities, or activities more visible? You may be able to post your materials on the Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library’s neighborhood bulletin boards. (Please note that due to space limitations, the Worthington Park Library does not have a community bulletin board.)
Before they can be uploaded, all materials must be authorised. Please visit the accounts desk at Old Worthington Library or Northwest Library to learn more about posting your materials on our neighborhood bulletin boards. Or give us a call!

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A community bulletin board (CBB) is a digital signage system used as a Barker channel by public, educational, and government access cable television providers to keep communities updated about events, weather, and other news that can be transmitted using digital on-screen graphics. Technological convergence is exemplified by the electronic bulletin board definition.

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