Comcast independent contractor

Comcast independent contractor

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Working as a cable installer can be both difficult and rewarding. Although it might seem to be a simple area to join, there are a number of criteria that must be met before an employer can accept you for a full-time job. You’ll need to meet basic educational standards, have a basic understanding of science and electronics, and be excited about the day-to-day tasks that your work will entail. In the end, if you meet the criteria and put yourself on the road to being an installer, you’ll have a decent chance of landing a job.

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Should you incorporate, form an LLC, or file a DBA as a sole proprietor? In general, if you are a single individual with a lot of personal assets, you can form an LLC or integrate. You would be safe from lawsuits and creditors, and you will be able to save money on company taxes. Since it protects both your company and personal properties, an LLC is far superior to incorporation.
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Yes, you’ll need a business license and, more than likely, a federal tax identification number. You aren’t really a self-employed individual. You are a company and you are involved in a profit-making operation. It makes no difference if you do. You may be a doctor or a handcrafted craftsman, for example, but you must work for a profit.
This is because most larger businesses will request it so that they can issue you a 1099 IRS form, which is now mandated by the Internal Revenue Service for any company that hires an independent contractor and earns more than $600 per year.

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An independent contractor is a worker who is in charge of achieving a specific outcome while also deciding how to do so. The difference between a contractor and an employee is their level of control. Employees, on the other hand, are employees who do exactly what you tell them to do, when you tell them to do it, and in the manner that you tell them to do it.
If you’re unsure about a worker’s status, it’s best to be safe and handle them as an employee. Download this free e-guide from ComplyRight for advice on how to handle independent contractors without jumping the line.

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Contractors, small businesses, and experienced individuals are sought. Comcast Xfinity has a similar deal with us. Triple bets are worth up to $400, and quad bets are worth up to $600. Between 70% and 90% of the contract price will be charged to you or your company.
All insurance is carried by us, and we also fund all invoices at no cost. After the installation, all sales are charged within 15 days. Your own agents’ pricing will be determined by you. Progressive handles all payroll, background checks, and drug tests in accordance with our arrangement.
We currently have several businesses contracting through us, as well as a sizable Progressive team. We are Comcast Xfinity’s biggest door-to-door contractor. We hope you can consider joining our sales team.

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