Comcast email long running script

Comcast email long running script

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A:Script errors can be caused by a number of factors, and I’ll go through the most common ones in a moment. But first, you’ll need to figure out if the script errors are occurring on only one or several sites. Also, try using a different browser to access the Xfinity website to see if the error persists. In a moment, we’ll explain why.
I currently use three browsers because certain websites are incompatible with each of them. For example, in The New York Times website, Mozilla Firefox does not allow me to highlight text for copying, while Microsoft Edge does. Some browsers will allow you to watch videos embedded on a website, while others will not.
In the meantime, there are a few things to look at with your browser’s settings. Check to see if the error message has disappeared after each update. I can’t send you precise instructions because you didn’t say which browser you’re using, but you’ll want to disable tracking security, which attempts to prevent websites from following you as you switch from one site to another. After that, check to see if your browser is set to debug scripts. This choice should be available in your browser’s advanced settings section.

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I can get to my Comcast/Xfinity email just fine… but there is a slight pause between when I enter my credentials and when my webmail inbox actually appears. I use the following URL:
It would be a good start if you could tell us the exact PM version number, your operating system, and whether you’re using 32-bit or 64-bit. To rule out any extension or profile issues, try restarting PM with add-ons disabled and/or a new profile.
I tested the new Release and latest Unstable versions, and Comcast Email works flawlessly. Please double-check your browser’s content-blocking extensions and settings. To be sure, try a clean profile.
Since 27.1.0, I’ve been having trouble logging into my Comcast email account. With 27.0.3 (x64) and earlier versions, effective login is possible. I can login with 27.1.0 if I change my email to a simplified interface via Comcast email preferences. On a variety of computers, I’m running Windows 7 and 8. The end result is the same for everybody. I haven’t tried any of the releases after 27.1.0 because the change logs don’t seem to fix this problem. I’m currently using version 27.0.3. The extensions are the same across PM versions and operating systems. uBlock Origin and NoScript are the related extensions I use. I believe I attempted to disable all extensions at one stage, but to no avail. I didn’t make a new blank profile to test because reverting to previous versions seemed to work.

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Anyone who has ever lost a contact list or address book from their mobile phone or PDA knows how frustrating it can be. Particularly if it was never backed up or exported. The same is true for your Comcast email account’s Webmail address book.
Consider how long it would take to re-create all of the entries in your address book if you didn’t have a backup saved somewhere secured. Fortunately, Comcast has an export feature that allows you to quickly export contacts and store them in a secure location.
The measures below are only valid if you’re using Comcast Webmail. If you use another email program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or another, consult the documentation for that program to learn how to export the local address book.
This is thanks to Comcast’s backup and restore functionality, which means you’ll never have to worry about backing up your address book again. Best of all, backups are automatic and available by default on your account.
Comcast’s latest SmartZone has been dubbed DUMBMAIL by Carol B… Yeah, IT IS… My three other email addresses have vanished; we used to open the next email after reading and deleting an email, but now we have to go back to the email menu and DOUBLE click to open the next mail, and finding the Address EXPORT is like searching for clams… That’s simpler now that I think about it…. all of my weather stations have vanished, leaving me with only one….. I used to be able to open straight into my email account; now I’m taken to a page where I have to choose between email or voicemail, which I don’t have (just more mouse clicks to aggravate the user), and don’t try to give them an email for help; there isn’t any, and if you do, no one responds. I had to make a phone call….. and where are the email addresses in the address book list view??? They’re only available in the card view… Guess what, I’ve tried several times to append a simple Microsoft Word document and it won’t work; I had to log into my YAHOO account to do it in 2 seconds…. and your folders view on the left is fixed; you can’t rearrange it to fit yourself…. I might go on, but Carol is correct: this is DUMB MAIL… It was created by IT professionals for IT professionals, who make up just 10% of the user base, leaving the other 90% of us to suffer as a result of their ideas, which management bought into. WE Need CHANGE IN WHICH WE BELIEVE.

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The error message “Script error” is one of the most mysterious you’ll ever see. The key complaint is that it gives little detail about the root of the issue. This anonymity, however, is not a flaw, but rather a feature designed to protect your site from malicious attacks.
The most common source of script errors is an error in a script hosted on a separate domain (for example, CDN scripts). As a result, the user’s browser prevents the script from running, preventing a cross-site request forgery attack. However, if the script is stored on the same domain but uses a different port, protocol (for example, http:// instead of https://), or subdomain, it could cause an issue.
A Long Running Script suggests performance problems, while a Script error is triggered by breaching the browser’s same-origin policy. The execution of scripts in each browser has a set time limit. A Long Running Script error occurs when a script needs more time to run. In addition, the user will be provided with a dialog box in which they can choose whether to interrupt the script or wait for their asset to load.

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