Color start with l

Color start with l

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lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender lavender (web color) Coordination of colors Hex triplet#E6E6FAHSV (h, s, v) (240°, 8%, 98[1]%) sRGBB (r, g, and b) (230, 230, 250) CMYKH CMYKH CMYKH CM (c, m, y, k) SourceX11 is an open-source software project. [two] Descriptor ISCC–NBS a very light blue B: [0–255] normalized (byte) H: [0–100] normalized (hundred)
Lavender is a light purple color. It refers to the color of the same-named flower in particular. The web color lavender is shown to the right, and it matches the color of the very palest part of the lavender flower; however, the more saturated color floral lavender shown below more closely matches the average color of the lavender flower as shown in the image, and is the tone of lavender historically and traditionally considered lavender by the average person as opposed to those who are lavender experts. [three] The color lavender can be represented as a light pinkish-purple or a medium purple.
Lavender may be applied to a wide variety of pale, light, or grayish-purples in general, but only on the blue side. Lilac is a pale purple with a pink undertone. Lavender is a paint color produced by combining purple and white paint.

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Note that, although color> values are precisely specified, their appearance may differ (sometimes significantly) from device to device. This is due to the fact that most devices are not configured, and some browsers do not accept the color profiles of output devices.
Keywords in color
Color keywords, such as red, blue, black, or lightseagreen, are case-insensitive identifiers that describe a particular color. Despite the fact that the names more or less reflect their respective colors, they are largely artificial and lack a strict justification.
the word “transparent”
The transparent keyword denotes a color that is fully transparent. The context behind the colored object is now clearly visible. Transparent is a technical term for rgba (0,0,0,0).
Note on compatibility: The current CSS spec states that transparent should be measured in the alpha-premultiplied color space to avoid unintended actions, such as in a gradient>. Older browsers, on the other hand, can interpret it as black with an alpha value of 0.

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Lemon Chiffon is a color that goes with everything.

The surprising pattern behind color names around the world

Hex triplet#FFFACDHSV (h, s, v) (54°, 20%, 100% )

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sRGBB (r, g, and b) (255, 250, 205)

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X11ISCC–NBS descriptor is a source X11ISCC–NBS descriptor.

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Greenish yellow in hue.

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B: [0–255] normalized (byte)
Colors that go with Lemon Meringue
#F6EABEHSV (h, s, v) (47°, 23 percent, 97[4] percent) Hex triplet
sRGBB (r, g, and b) (246, 234, 190)
Pantone TPX[5] as a source
Descriptor ISCC–NBS
Greenish yellow in hue.
B: [0–255] normalized (byte)
H: [0–100] normalized (hundred)
Crayola’s intense twistable crayons featured the color lemon glacier in 2009. This color appears slightly greenish to the naked eye (just barely discernible)—its green code is slightly larger than its red code, as can be seen in the color box.
Crayola called the color laser lemon in 1990. Prior to that, it was mistakenly referred to as chartreuse from its inception in 1972 to 1990. In fact, a chartreuse color is one in which the green hex code in the RGB values of the color is slightly higher than the red hex code. [requires citation] (For the right variant of the common color chartreuse, see chartreuse yellow.)

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A list of colors is given below. Several of the color swatches below come from domain-specific naming schemes like X11 or HTML4. Since such requirements are described in terms of the sRGB color space, RGB values are given for each swatch. Because of the different gamuts of the two spaces, it’s impossible to accurately convert all of these swatches to CMYK values, but color management systems built into operating systems and image editing applications try to do so as accurately as possible.
The following table also includes the HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space values, also known as HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), as well as the hex triplets (for HTML web colors). In certain environments (such as Microsoft Excel), the order of bytes in hex color values is reversed (i.e. to “BGR”). Colors that appear in the web-safe color palette, which includes the sixteen named colors, are highlighted. 1st (The hue value for those four called colors corresponding to the neutral greys is essentially ignored—i.e., left blank.)

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