Coffee mug icon

Coffee mug icon

How to doodle and icon a coffee cup – great for planners

When a symbol is illuminated in the instrument cluster or dashboard, drivers are always curious as to what it means. Often it’s easy to make an informed guess, but other times the interpretation of a symbol is a little more complicated. The coffee cup icon on the Mercedes-Benz instrument cluster is an example of this. What does this imply? Allow us to elaborate.
When the coffee cup icon illuminates in your Mercedes-instrument Benz’s cluster window, it means the ATTENTION ASSIST® device is enabled. ATTENTION ASSIST® is a car feature that detects signs of drowsy driving and alerts you when it’s time to stop.
The system is actually very easy to use and should only take a few minutes of your time. ATTENTION ASSIST® can continuously track your driving habits once enabled, searching for signs of inattentive driving. Abnormal steering habits are among the features of drowsy driving, and variables such as travel time and duration are also taken into account.

Modern coffee cup logo design illustrator | how to make black

Set of 6 Lyra Icon Coffee Mugs (245 ML) Over a cup of steaming aromatic coffee, spend some warm moments with your loved ones and catch up on what’s going on. Furthermore, elegant crockery will elevate a lavish afternoon tea party into a memorable occasion. With a capacity of 245 ml, these attractive and stylish Lyra Icon Coffee Mugs will serve your valued guests tea and coffee in style. These Lyra Icon coffee mugs will make a great housewarming present.
• Brand – Lyra• Type – Glass set• Material – Glass• Color – White• Design – Plain• Capacity – 245 ml• Dishwasher Safe – Yes• Rust Resistance – Yes• Disposable – No• Microwave /Oven safe – No• Microwave /Oven safe – No• 6 beer mugs (245 ml) are included in the package.

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Simple coffee cup icon. tutorial adobe illustrator cc for

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Turn on and off the mercedes benz attention assist coffee cup

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How to make a cute coffee cup in adobe illustrator

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Create a vector coffee icon in adobe illustrator

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