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CO Everywhere is a free app that allows you to monitor social activity in any place on the globe. They had just launched the first update of their native iPhone app when I joined the company. They were seeking input from family and friends and had a long list of improvements and features they wanted to implement into the product.
The flow of the drawing was one problem that emerged early on. The ability to draw an area is a key feature of the app. When all goes as expected, the user draws a circle on a map with their finger and then sees a slew of important, interesting, recently posted content from that location. However, too often, the first contact did not go well, and the user struggled to recover. It was a trend we saw repeatedly in user experiments and learned from friends anecdotally.
I will iterate on the draw flow using high-fidelity designs and prototypes after some initial sketching. Using tools like InVision, I mocked up different screens in the flow and connected them together. This allowed us to quickly iterate, test the interaction on an iPhone, and decide which flow felt best before investing time in growth. Parts of the puzzle, as well as other features that were expected to be released, will be included in future updates. After each software update, I’d conduct three to four usability tests using to determine what was working and what we needed to improve.

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Users will find a lot of value in this stream of local content, according to CO Everywhere co-founder and CEO Anthony Longo, whether it’s a tweet about local street art or a review of a new restaurant. Since it’s basically an unfiltered stream, users in heavily populated areas would probably want to keep their following areas small, while those in the suburbs could benefit from a larger region.
You can also pursue several areas with CO Anywhere. The company discovered that most users follow about eight areas in its private beta, though Longo believes that in the long run, most users would likely follow fewer (home, school, work, their parent’s town, etc.). Local deals and activities are also indexed by the service.
BlockAvenue, which mainly focused on rating neighborhoods, targeted users who were about to move into a new neighborhood, as Dan Adams, CO Everywhere’s co-founder and CTO, told me earlier this week. While this service helps the business to obtain a wealth of valuable data, the team soon began exploring how it could extend its feature set in order to attract more frequent users (people only move every now and then, after all).

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Beijing, China – People must now display their status on an app that decides if they are a coronavirus threat before entering several offices, restaurants, parks, or malls in China. When you arrive at a spot, there is always a tense moment before you open the app.
A green light allows you to enter any room. A yellow light may result in you being confined to your home. When a person receives the dreaded red light, they are put in a strict two-week quarantine at a hotel. Such a contentious use of technology has sparked concern in Europe, with countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland considering developing their own applications to monitor infections. However, in China, where the government keeps a close eye on the population and gathers vast amounts of personal data, usage has exploded. Many Chinese people say they are able to work together for the common good. “We are in a unique situation with this epidemic, so disclosing my movements doesn’t concern me,” Debora Lu, a Shanghai resident of 30 years, said. “Human life is more valuable.”

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Even in New York City, it may seem as though nothing is going on. CO Everywhere keeps you linked by allowing you to tap into any place, whether you’re physically present or not. The simple-to-use app allows you to focus on a specific location—whether it’s a specific house, a city block, or an entire neighborhood—and get a live feed of everything going on in the area, from social media interactions and photos to local news, nightlife, and retail and restaurant specials. CO Everywhere impresses on a smaller, more specific neighborhood scale, while the feed in certain parts of Manhattan looks a little like a spam folder (due to the sheer brand activity on social), CO Everywhere impresses on a larger, more general scale.
Use your finger to draw a circle around several areas of interest and mark them as home, office, or whatever you want. This collaborative feature improves the accuracy and reputation of the social sourcing app. Users may communicate with neighbors or total strangers all over the world (or live vicariously through them).

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