Citizens arrest meme

Citizens arrest meme

The andy griffith show s4e11 citizen s arrest 1 3

Gomer allows a citizen’s arrest of Barney for the same traffic violation for which Barney had just been ticketed. Barney becomes angry and resigns as deputy sheriff, seeking a prison term instead of paying the fine. Gomer attempts to come up with a plan until he realizes how far it has progressed.
It’s funny when Barney starts cooking. Gomer arrests Barney for making a U-turn in a spectacular public scene. He’s now repaying the favor. Barney refuses to pay the fine and is incarcerated as a result. One of the most hilarious episodes ever.

Citizens arrest citizens arrest!

Jackson Plummer, a 60-year-old man in poor health, left his home with his pistol on June 20, 1892, in search of members of the Kentland, Indiana town council. Plummer had objected to the board’s order to trim his trees. [2] When Plummer met John Keefe and a man named Elliott, Keefe ordered Plummer to go home because the board would not cut down his trees. [3] Plummer began walking home after pointing the gun at Elliott and a board member called Conklin, as well as threatening the town marshal if he showed up. The town marshal, James Dorn, arrived shortly after. [3] Dorn hit Plummer with a billy club and then fired a revolver at him without first telling him that he was being arrested. Plummer had not resisted or acted violently until Dorn struck and shot him; he had walked toward his house with a revolver in his hand and ordered the officer to stay away. Dorn and Plummer fired bullets at each other, and Dorn died as a result of the gunshot wound. [three]

“prepare to die” ex bbc producer attempts citizens arrest

It’s cathartic to watch a grown man’s impotent anger bubble and explode in front of your eyes. Furthermore, it consistently produces iconic lines, such as the Zorro in a Zafira-like setting. In terms of absurdist cringe, “Put your hands on the car and prepare to die” is a close second to “I’m Ronnie Pickering!”
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Citizens arrest

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