Cisco 1921 default password

Cisco 1921 default password

Reset cisco router to factory settings

This is my first message! I need to reset an old Cisco 1921 router for which I don’t have the login credentials. I followed the Cisco documentation for the password recovery procedure ( and it worked. However, when I reboot the router and enter the break command, the router goes into’read-only rommon mode’ and eventually just asks for the username and password instead of the ‘rommon 1>’ prompt mentioned in the text. Is there someone who might point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!
Hi there!
Thank you for your prompt answer – I noticed that URL as well, but I never read it that way; I only tried what you said, and I’m still in the same boat 🙁 I’m connecting through the console cable, so if I let the router boot normally, I get the regular initial screen before being asked for a username when I hit return. If I press Ctrl & Break on router boot, I do get into the rommon screen, but it’s read-only and won’t let me interrupt before it completes the various checks before returning to the username & password prompt.

How to reset a cisco router

The Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2, Supervisor 720, and Virtual Switching System (VSS) 1440 systems are covered by this paper. This document refers to Supervisor 720-based systems running Cisco IOS Program Release12.2(17)SX or later. Refer to Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst 6500 with Supervisor 720 Running Cisco IOS Device Software Software if your Supervisor 720 is running an earlier version. 12.2(17)SX was the previous version.
Since the hardware is different, the boot sequence on the Catalyst 6500/6000 and Cisco 7600 that run Cisco IOS System Software differs from the Cisco 7200 Series Router. The switch processor (SP) is the first part to boot up after the box is switched on. It passes console ownership to the route processor (RP (MSFC)) after a short period of time (approximately 25 to 60 seconds). The RP proceeds to load the picture of the bundled program. It’s important that you click Ctrl-brk as soon as the SP hands the console over to the RP. If you submit the break sequence too fast, you’ll find yourself in the SP’s ROMMON, which isn’t where you want to be. After you see this message on the console, send the break sequence:

Csico password recovery 2600, 1800, 1900,2800, 2900,3900

Few, if any, Internet users prioritize router protection, which is a significant oversight. The digital equivalent of leaving your front door open is a router that is easily plugged in and left unattended. Sure, as long as no one with nefarious intent cares, you’ll be safe, but if anyone tries their luck, things could get really messy. Unfortunately, since patterns consistently suggest that hacker activity and creativity will only grow over time, users will need to start prioritizing the security of their internet connections.
When configuring a Cisco router, you must enter the router’s username and password. However, if you are having trouble remembering these information for whatever reason, there is a simple and fast way to get around it. A factory reset would wipe the router clean, as though it were just taken off the shelf and assembled for the first time.
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Cisco router password reset

Authentication on Cisco routers is divided into many groups. Access to the command line falls into this group (called EXEC). PPP access has its own group. After all, we wouldn’t want an ISP’s clients to be granted EXEC access simply because their PPP session was effective. The authentication to access allow mode is just another category; it’s a little different in that it doesn’t require a username from the user.
Some authentication backends, such as RADIUS, require a username field at all times. When we use those authentication backends to authenticate the allow mode category (using a configuration like aaa authentication enable default group EXEC-RADIUS), the router provides $enab15$ in the RADIUS User-Name field to the backend.
You can also type “login” and include the username and password of a switch account installed on the switch (either locally or via radius or tacacs) that will be placed directly in privileged mode upon effective login (depending on the IOS version and the actual configuration).

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