Chrome spinning wheel

Chrome spinning wheel

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Hello there, When I use Chrome, I constantly get the blue busy circle, which is really distracting. The strange thing is that the browser isn’t even slow; the pages load quickly, and my CPU consumption is less than 5%. Is it possible to simply turn off the busy circle? I also believe that any changes made to the browser’s configuration settings or a device conflict will trigger the blue spinning circle while using Chrome. Let’s start by isolating your issue using the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:
Thank you for your answer. I tried everything you said, but the blue spinning circle continues to appear in Chrome. It seems to happen more often than it should, because it happens even when I simply open a new tab. When I use Edge, I almost never get it. It’s strange…

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I tried so many things to solve the beachball issue that I began to believe Chrome for Mac had a bug, and Firefox Quantum was looking like a viable solution. The beachball spins for a minute or more (like the hourglass on Windows) until what I just typed appears in the search box, always missing a few characters.
More memory, an SSD, clearing the cache on the Chrome browser, resetting it, and other temporary fixes were used. When I installed Chrome on any Mac, regardless of the version or type, it was sluggish. Even after this update, I am still unable to enter the Bookmarks menu and click on something. It just freezes, and I have to Force Quit Chrome and use the search box or the Bookmarks Bar to find the link.
I discovered the perfect solution by considering a full scrub of Chrome from the Mac, rather than just deleting the app. I’d tried it a few times before and it never worked. I also had this irritating secret extension that wouldn’t go away and was redirecting any websites, especially my bank’s, to their own ad pages, and I tried every trick I could think of to get rid of it because I didn’t want to reinstall the operating system to repair it.

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When an application is unresponsive to device events for a period of time, the SWOD occurs.

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There are several possible triggers. It’s often a misbehaving (often 3rd party) driver that locks up some vital I/O. It’s possible that you’re running out of memory. Often it’s a problem with the hard drive. It’s not uncommon for poorly written software to hog machine resources in some way. The list could go on and on. Activity Monitor may be able to help you figure out what’s going on. Look for exceptionally high swapping behavior on the CPU, disk, or memory. You might even find out what’s going on with individual stalled applications. Are they using a lot of processing power? Do they have a thrashing memory? If you press Sample, the function call stack can give you a hint as to where the application is stuck. The machine log can also provide insight into recurring issues. The Console utility can be used to display it.
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I appreciate the response; however, I’ve used Activity Monitor extensively and discovered that “QTKitserver” and “deamon” processes spawned by “luanchd,” such as “sh,” “sed,” and others, could be the two biggest culprits.
‘John,’ I say.
My wife’s machine was the first to experience problems with the SWOD, and when we took it to the “Genius” bar, they came to the same conclusion as you. So we replaced the memory and hard drive, and it had the SWOD after a few minutes of restarting. In our case, I don’t believe it’s a hardware problem. However, I assume it is due to a flaw in the code. I also believe that OS X does a poor job of catching bad code and gracefully exiting the situation, leaving you with the SWOD. I’m hoping somebody knows a way around this. It’s costing us all a lot of time that we can’t get back. Here, assistance is needed. Thank you.

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I’m looking for advice on how to diagnose intermittent issues, especially those where the page never loads (not just slow, these pages never report as done loading). Most pages nowadays have a mix of sources and likely a CDN or two, so it can quickly become complicated.
If the “wheel just keeps spinning,” it means the browser is still trying to load something (from somewhere). It should eventually display “Loaded” at the bottom, in red, if you open your browser developer tools -> network tab (and reload the page), ex:
Other ties in the other responses were also helpful (one of them said, in my case “browser ran out of memory” or “unable to connect to server” all indications of my problem). This is another connection that could be useful.

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