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Chat it up

How to… chat someone up

To chat up someone means to converse with them in a playful or casual way, with the intention of persuading them to do something. Your brother could strike up a conversation with a movie theater employee in the hopes of obtaining a free ticket.
When you chat someone up, your light humor is convincing, even if your intention is usually just to flirt or start a conversation. On a long plane ride, you could chat up your new classmate or your seatmate. “I’m going to talk George up to see if he’ll give me some of his pizza,” as in “I’m going to chat George up and see if he’ll give me some of his pizza.”

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What they mean is that they will look at a subject in depth, maybe a contentious social or political problem, and try to find a solution. The term “talk” means that the conversation will be civil and lighthearted. They’re debating the issue, but they’re doing so in public and in a group, rather than in their heads.
The words “talk it out” and “debate” are interchangeable. It is often used when two parties disagree on a topic and are unable to have a civil conversation, despite the fact that such a discussion would be beneficial to all parties. Listed below are a few examples:
It means to have a discussion before you reach an agreement. It would be pointless and for the sake of conversation if you just chatted. When you talk things out, you’re implying that you want to reach an agreement in the end. It’s the same as figuring it out, where you’re given a problem to solve, or some other related phrases like fleshing it out or planning it out, which both mean to work on a job with a particular purpose in mind.

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Preston, Ruth | 14 September 2016

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Have you tried calling your kids on their cellphones recently? Grandma refuses to leave you a voicemail? Is it true that your best friend has gone underground? Is this something you’ve learned before?
Kik Interactive, a Waterloo company that created the influential mobile messaging social networking app of the same name, was supported to the tune of $50 million by We Chat, the world’s largest chat service, on August 18 this year. This was of special interest to me because my family members live in different parts of the world, and I use WeChat on a daily basis. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch, and I find it far more convenient than trying to reach someone by phone or email.
The fact that you can send multimedia messages, including text, images, and voice or video messages, is one of the most appealing features of some of the latest apps. Some apps let you use your phone as a walkie-talkie and include animated emoticons featuring well-known characters like Tuzki, whose animated antics are hilarious:

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We were ecstatic when the Styled Seattle team decided to open a pop-up at Pacific Place. Their stunning new location (designed by serves as the city’s fashion center, with personal styling, exhibitions, and a showroom for fashion brands. In addition, we now have a resident stylist for our clients! Darcy Camden is her name.
Styled Seattle was founded in 2006 by Darcy Camden with the aim of assisting men and women in harnessing the power of personal style. Styled Seattle has grown over the years and now serves over 800 clients (and counting!) in the Seattle area.
We sat down with Darcy in the latest Styled Seattle suite (level 2, next to lululemon) to ask her 12 questions about everything from her favorite 90’s fashion trend to her shopping “golden rule.” Have fun!
My favorite part of my work is going shopping almost every day. I went to Pacific Place today to shop for suede Lucite pumps at J.Crew. These shoes are a hit with my Styled Seattle clients because they are not only comfortable and easy to walk in, but they also look professional and trendy. I went to Seattle Goodwill yesterday looking for fake blood and wigs for a Halloween segment on New Day NW.

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