Change utorrent download location android

Change utorrent download location android

How to change default download location to sd card in

Unfortunately, utorrent does not have a default download spot. If you don’t indicate a download location in utorrent, your downloads are simply discarded. It is held in a secure place from which you will never be able to obtain the file.
If you want to change the venue, go to settings and look for the “Directories” option. “Move completed downloads to:” is one of the fields there. Set the location of your download there. For the record, I’m using Ubuntu 18.x and utorrents 13.x. Utorrents is a server that can be accessed via a browser.

Changing dowload location in utorrent from

How to Make an SD Card the Default Download Location

How to change location in utorrent android


How to move the download location in utorrent to sd card


How to change the download location in utorrent to sd

There are several options for moving software from your Android device’s internal storage to an SD card that you’ve inserted into your tablet or smartphone.

How to download torrents to sd card on an android device

To free up space on their device’s internal memory, users may want to transfer apps or data to an SD card. This would make the process go more smoothly. Some users can wish to make the external SD card their default download location for files when installing apps. This feature is pre-installed on Android. Without any third-party applications or tweaks, users can set the default download location for files to the external SD card. Here’s how to make your external SD card the default place for downloading your files:

Utorrent doesn’t shows downloaded files!!where we can find

When you download something to your Android smartphone, it is saved to the phone’s internal memory by default. Even though this does not damage the hardware of your smartphone or tablet, frequent downloads could cause your computer to run out of space, causing it to perform worse.
Although the steps for changing the download location vary by vendor and some may not even allow you to do so, the method used with a free third-party application called ES File Explorer File Manager is generic and works on almost all Android phones and tablets.
When inside the SD card container, tap the back button several times until you see / at the top of the directory list, tap your SD card from the list (/storage/A2E2-0FE4 in this example), and click OK. This sets the SD card as the default download spot. All downloaded files will be saved to the SD card’s main directory from this point forward. You can also set your favorite SD card folder as your default download position by tapping it.

How to change default download location to sd card

When using uTorrent to download multiple files, it is popular for users to combine all torrents into a single folder. This is accomplished by selecting the ital>Don’t Ask Me Again option after selecting a file location, resulting in a fast and simple download process. However, if you ever want to change the download location for your torrents, turning the prompt back on is not as easy as checking the Don’t Ask Me Again box. This tip will show you how to get uTorrent to request download locations once more. This allows you to choose the torrent’s destination on a case-by-case basis. italic>
N.B. You may come across some information that suggests ways to avoid uTorrent from automatically downloading. The most popular solution is to go to Options > Preferences > UI Settings and uncheck the box that says “Don’t Start Downloads Automatically.” Please keep in mind that selecting this option will halt new downloads until you specify otherwise; it will not reactivate the option to specify your preferred download venue.

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