Change led color galaxy s6 edge

Change led color galaxy s6 edge

Samsung galaxy s6 edge: how to manually adjust screen

Samsung has lost certain components in order to achieve large displays with thinner bezels. While the loss of the headphone jack has gotten all of the coverage, there have been other casualties, including the notification LED. This small light, which was once a standard on all Android phones, would flash each time a new alarm came, saving you from having to check your screen. On the Play Store, there is an app that not only restores but also improves this feature, allowing you to see more detail at a glance thanks to Samsung’s always-on display.
Step 1: Download and install aodNotify, a free app from Jawomo. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should. The other two Jawomo games, sideActions and bxActions, have been featured on Gadget Hacks. The software is free, but there is a paid version with more functionality.
Phase 2: Allow Accessibility and Permissions
Open the app after it has been updated and pick “Select apps.” You’ll see a list of all the applications that are loaded on your phone here. Select the apps for which you want the notification “LED” to turn on. Click the “All” button in the upper-right corner to be notified for all applications, but keep in mind that any potential apps you install will also need to be manually activated. Return to the previous page after adding the app and follow the instructions to give the app the requisite permissions and access. Starting at the top, check each box, then go to the redirected page and allow the toggle for aodNotify. This should be done for both “Notification entry” and “Draw on screen.”

How to change led notification light colors on android

If you receive a WhatsApp message on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you will notice an LED notification in addition to a notification tone. The Samsung Galaxy S6’s LED is lit in a white color. On the Samsung Galaxy S6, you can adjust the color of the notification light for WhatsApp messages. So, for example, you can set the LED to always glow green when new WhatsApp messages arrive. So you can see what kind of message was received on the Samsung Galaxy S6 right away with the light.
If WhatsApp is available, tap the three-point icon in the top right corner of the message list. A pop-up appears, prompting you to choose “Settings.” Then choose “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. The entry “light” can be found in the section “Notifications.” When you tap it, you’ll be able to select from seven different light colors that will flash when you receive WhatsApp messages on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
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How to change led notification colors on android

We’ll go over how to change the LED color on a Galaxy S8 or Android phone in this article.

Samsung galaxy s6 led light notifications enabling

The LED is the tiny light that shines from the top of your Android phone.

Samsung galaxy s6 edge: how to enable / disable led light

When you get a message, it will light up. This LED light is actually regulated by a special design app.
This isn’t a critical feature on our phone. It’s merely a gimmick and a cosmetic trick of your phone. By adjusting the color of these LED lights, you will be able to stand out from the crowd of people who are using preset LED light colors. As a result, your phone would have a distinct appearance. It will also assist you in separating your phone from the phones of those at the party.
Phase 4 – For Missed Call, Texts, MMS, Gmail, and Calendar Reminder, you can configure the LED light color. You may set a different color for each, making it easier to distinguish the form of notification is urgent based on the color of the LED light.

How to change samsung galaxy s6 touch key light

The notification light on your Android phone will provide a wealth of details. Without touching your phone, you can learn about a significant notification or check whether the battery is low. The notification light is a useful feature, but are you taking advantage of it to its full potential?
Your Android phone will show you what’s going on inside by using green, blue, or red light, but what if you could use different colors for different types of notifications? Adjust the frequency of the light blinking or configure the notification light for specific phone features.
To get started, make sure you have an Android phone with an LED warning light; not all Android phones have one. The warning light is normally located near the front camera on the handset.
Bear in mind that certain LED lights cannot be customized beyond their basic functionality. You can also look up your Android phone’s specifications online to see if it supports LED lighting.

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