Change hootsuite password

Change hootsuite password

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This worries me, but apparently one of the most fun hacks for bad guys is password hacking, since it feeds their sense of exploration and ability to solve a problem. (It seems that hackers would prefer someone to buy them a puzzle or a game of chess.)
Unfortunately, social media accounts are regularly hacked. It’s usually just for fun or to tamper with someone’s account. Often the hacks are phishing schemes that lead to a shady website that is riddled with malware. Your account may be “hacked as part of a broader scheme to hack accounts and get them to follow a particular account,” according to Marcus Habert, an online security blogger. This account, which may have a fake brand name, will then be used to spread malware.”
If a business account is compromised, it can result in irreversible harm to consumer interest and brand loyalty. Furthermore, it is a pain to resolve, especially if you are a small business without an IT department.

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Whereas content management can be abstracted by using a platform like Buffer or Hootsuite (which enables content to be scheduled and queued through a web browser application), posting to Instagram requires anyone to use their phone and a single username and password.
This sounds shady – a large corporation offering customer support through their Instagram account will require several people to have access, and there’s also the question of what to do if anyone gets sick, etc.
Paid LastPass accounts (Premium, Family, Teams, or Enterprise) allow a group of people to share access to one or more groups of login items, but it’s not a complete solution. Since the LastPass Extension performs the actual login, the password text does not need to be available.
The disadvantage is that once signed in, a rogue user may change something that does not involve changing the original password. A rogue user might, for example, change the contact e-mail address and then request “password recovery.”

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Even so, it should never have happened in the first place. After conducting a postmortem to assess what went wrong in my case, I learned a few basic security lessons that will hopefully assist other executives and professionals in protecting their own accounts from hackers.
Change your passwords if necessary. Strong passwords—those with a lot of random numbers and symbols—make a big difference in keeping your accounts secure. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own, services like LastPass, which creates and manages random passwords, will assist. The hackers who obtained access to Zuckerberg’s accounts clearly took advantage of his password, “dadada,” which is notoriously weak. Worse, he had used the same password across many channels and had probably not changed it in years.
Sharing isn’t the same as caring. If you share your password with someone, even a good password won’t help. Many CEOs (including myself) enlist the support of their staff to handle their social media pages. The natural instinct is to simply share your log-in credentials, but using social media security tools that allow you to authorize other users without having to disclose your actual password is a safer choice. As a result, your credentials begin and end with you, and any security violation can be traced back to you. (A quick social media audit will show you how widely your password has been disseminated.)

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Virtual assistants are the future of online business owners. However, several people are unsure how to share sensitive information and grant access to their virtual assistants without jeopardizing their company’s security.
Your productivity is being slowed by the constant struggle between accessibility and protection. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. What if you could share access with your VAs on a temporary basis without having to change passwords all the time? How much time would you save if you did it this way? How many less accounts would you build if you could?
Time is precious, because every second you save is a second you can spend doing things you enjoy, like spending time with your family or working on your business. Handling a simple problem, such as passwords, effectively will aid your business’s success.
Simply instruct your VA to build a LastPass account and share the email address they used to do so with you. You’re now ready to go. If you’re still curious, I made this short video to help you understand. It’s self-evident that you’ll need a Lastpass account to do so.

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