Can i have two paypal accounts linked to the same bank account

Can i have two paypal accounts linked to the same bank account

Can i have 2 personal paypal accounts

Is it possible to use the same phone number for two separate PayPal accounts? I’ll use a different email address for it, but the same address. Is it possible to access my PayPal account while traveling outside of my country or region? Is it only possible to log in from a single country and one computer? Is it possible to use it on an Android phone? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Kindly react.
You may not have two personal PayPal accounts; instead, you may have one business account and one personal account. If you access your PayPal account from a foreign country, we have an online authentication system that can limit it. You will be asked to complete a set of measures in the Resolution Centre to ensure it is you using the account before the restriction is lifted. Yes, you can use an Android device to access your account, and we have a PayPal app that you can download.

Two paypal accounts with same phone number

Hello there,

My bank account is linked to another paypal account

My wife and I both had PayPal accounts that were connected to the same checking account for a long time.

Can i have 2 paypal accounts with the same bank account

I’ve discovered that we can no longer do this now that we’ve switched banks. Is there anything that can be done to connect both of them? We shouldn’t have to hold our old checking account just to use Ebay and other online services. Thank you very much in advance. BK
You can only use one bank account per PayPal account if you are selling and need to pass payments to a bank account.
If you just want to buy stuff, you can add another debit or credit card to the other account and use it to make transactions.
Alternatively, you can use the same paypal account for both ebay accounts. On the x1 PayPal account, you can have up to 8 email addresses. One email address equals one eBay user ID.
To your PayPal account, you can add up to 8 email addresses. You can’t have more than one PayPal account with the same email address. To add an email address, follow these steps: To double-check an email address When you enter an email address, we send an email to that address automatically. To double-check your email address, go to: To make an email address your ‘Primary’ email address, follow these steps. You can opt to make an email address “Primary” at any time after it has been verified. This means that this email address will receive all PayPal updates. To render an email address primary, follow these steps:

Can i use one paypal account for two websites

Yes, you are correct; I am unable to maintain two PayPal accounts using the same bank account.

Can i make a new paypal account with the same bank account

Okay, I’ll try your suggestion of adding the new account to my existing PayPay account. It’s just a plan to open two shops at the same time, each selling different products. Thank you for your assistance. Exceptional jobs.
You can certainly connect two PayPal accounts to a single bank account, as I do for my regular and micropayments accounts.
I don’t believe you can connect the same credit card to two PP accounts, but you can link one bank account to two PP accounts.
I haven’t done it, but I’m not sure if there’s a limit beyond two.

Can i have 2 paypal accounts with the same email

As a result, some bank accounts can pay you a higher rate of interest on your credit card balances than others. Others can offer rewards for selecting their account, but you should still look at any short-term incentives to see if the account will suit you after the deal expires.
Your balance will be moved to your new account if you change your bank account. Your overdraft will be transferred as well, depending on your credit situation and history. It’s important to keep in mind that the overdraft limit you’re offered can differ between banks, so double-check first!
All banks are required by law to request proof of your identity and address. However, you do not need to have your passport or driver’s license, so don’t be put off if you don’t have one.
Most banks will provide you with a list of appropriate documents. Speak to the bank you want to open an account with; they should be able to provide you with a list of documents that you can use instead.

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