Calendar lock screen

Calendar lock screen

Add a calendar to iphone lock screen

You may also toggle “Sensitive notifications” on or off to reveal or hide sensitive details on your lock screen. If it’s turned off, you’ll just see the app from which the notification came rather than the notification itself — for example, instead of any detail about the post, you’ll see “1 new message.”
While you can opt to only receive general alerts such as news headlines or the weather on your lock screen, you can also receive more personalized notifications such as texts, reminders, flight reservations, and other things.
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How to add a calendar to the lock screen on the samsung

Android lock screen widgets can save you time by providing easy access to details and applications. Clocks, address lists, music players, and calendars are only a few of the default lock screen widgets.
Go to your lock screen after downloading Neat Calendar on your Android 4.2+ smartphone and select it from the list of available lock screen widgets. The configuration screen will appear first, allowing you to choose which calendars to view and how the widget should appear.
You’ll see your upcoming events and the amount of days or minutes before the event once you’ve done configuring the widget. When you choose a case, your default calendar app will open. You can also open the monthly view by tapping between the clock and the date.

Galaxy s20/s20+: how to enable/disable calendar show

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How to add calendar in lock screen on iphone

I, too, am in desperate need of this feature. I keep losing appointments because I’m used to having the day’s assignment on my home screen. It should be made a choice so that people who are concerned about someone seeing their appointments can disable it. ( )edit2 FloR707 According to other lock screen-related responses, this would be contrary to the lock screen’s concept: Before unlocking the unit, it should not disclose any details. (This is why you just see an SMS icon and not the sender’s name or the first few lines of the message.) So the best case scenario is to show that there is a pending event from the calendar, accompanied by the event itself in the event view. (Of course, a third choice is to make the lock screen’s behavior dependent on whether the system is locked at all; I’m not sure that’s worth the trouble.) “BE AWARE, THIS IS HEAVILY WIP AND Can BREAK STUFF,” says ossi1967 ( )[email protected] Why do I have to risk voiding my warranty in order to receive adequate calendar notifications? Let’s face it, mobile calendars have been around for… how many years? (Pistol)

Iphone 11 pro: how to show / hide calendar preview on lock

The iPhone has had a great feature that lets you see upcoming calendar events right on your lock screen since iOS 7, and iOS 10 just improved it. This functionality was previously available on Android’s lock screen widget framework, but it was disabled in Lollipop, so there’s nothing quite like iOS 10’s “Today View” feature. However, thanks to an Xposed module created by developer Abhinav Singh, you can always see your upcoming calendar events on your lock screen. It’s a quick and easy way to keep on top of things with details at a glance, and it just takes a few minutes to set up.
Install EventLock first.
To begin, go to your Xposed Installer app’s Download section and check for EventLock, then tap the top result. Swipe over to the Versions tab and press the “Download” button next to the most recent entry. Version 2.3 is the most recent version, as of January 11, 2017. When asked, tap “Install,” then ensure that the module is enabled and rebooted.

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