Businesswoman at desk

Businesswoman at desk

Stock footage – businesswoman working at her desk 2

Portrait of a confident successful woman at work, smiling stunning millennial businesswoman or CEO gazing at camera, satisfied female manager posing making headshot image for company photoshoot Mural on the wall
Happy red haired female economist creates financial startup idea, poses in office interior, works in business sphere, dressed in formal clothes, smiling, owns company Mural on the wall
A black African American businesswoman or teacher sits at a tablet computer. The self-assured female author or writer seems to be preparing for a lecture or a keynote speech. Mural on the wall
Gland blonde secretary with glasses examines the african female manager who is keeping the paper. Indoor portrait of a fashionable black woman in denim working in an office with Asian and European coworkers. The top view of a work setting is portrayed in this wall mural. In an office, a group of young office employees, businessmen with laptops at their desks, communicate with one another. A meeting between a corporate business team and a boss. Working together is referred to as coworking. Mural on the wall

Business woman computer stock video

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In a comfortable office, a businesswoman works on her laptop. Glasses-wearing Female Character Sit in a bean bag chair with a cup of tea or coffee and a computer. Job Interview Sign on the Door Vector Representation of a Flat Cartoon

Businesswoman typing on laptop at office desk in evening

Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina (born September 6, 1954) is an American businesswoman and politician best known for her time as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP). Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune Top-20 business when she was CEO of HP from 1999 to 2005. [2] In 2002, Fiorina oversaw HP’s acquisition of rival personal computer maker Compaq, which was at the time the biggest technology sector merger in history. HP became the world’s largest seller of personal computers as a result of the deal. [three] [number four] Following that, HP laid off 30,000 employees in the United States. Despite this, the number of workers rose to 150,000 during her tenure, exceeding the pre-merger figure. (5) [number six] [nine] Following a boardroom dispute, she was forced to resign as CEO and chair in February 2005. [eight] [9][10][11][12][13][14][ She went on to become the Chair of Good360, a philanthropic organization. [nine] [12] Fiorina ran for the United States Senate in 2010 and the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, all of which she lost. Fiorina was a campaign advisor for Republican Senator John McCain in 2008. She secured the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in California in 2010, but lost to incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer in the general election. (#13) [14] Fiorina ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, and served as Ted Cruz’s vice presidential running mate for seven days before suspending his bid, setting the record for the shortest vice presidential campaign in modern US history. (15)

Happy businesswoman dancing on office desk fooling around

A spider scurries down a web thread right in front of your eyes. Your keyboard is being scuttled by a cockroach. Under the office refrigerator, a rodent darts. Does this ring a bell? If this is the case, you might have a pest problem at work.
Fruit flies, gnats, beetles, moths, and ants are among the other rodents to be aware of. These creatures find their way into the office in search of food, water, and shelter, but you can help them stay out.
Notify your boss or the building’s management team if you notice pests at work. The CDPH, on the other hand, warns against bringing in your own pesticides, saying that “even botanical pesticide sprays can cause coughing or eye irritation, as well as cause or activate asthma.”
Employers should inform their employees about the chemicals and pesticides they are exposed to, and have Safety Data Sheets available for them, according to the CDPH. Staff should also be told to clear personal belongings and food from their desks or work areas before using pesticides or chemicals.

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