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Are you hungry? Order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to your door. There’s no need to cook or clean up after yourself. For all of your dining needs, BtownMenus has you covered. You can keep track of your diet in real time. BtownMenus by LoDel caters to the single diner while also providing group ordering for those dining with others. Enter your address to find out what choices are available near you. You can put an order for delivery if you don’t feel like ordering in and are on the go. Not in your town or city? We’ll see you again soon!
The organization has been particularly rude, requesting a slew of documents to show incorrect orders. Customers were recently given a $3 credit for orders that took more than an hour to arrive. Tonight, I’m giving them one more shot, and I’m moving my company to grubbhub.
I will avoid this business unless you have a lot of money to throw away. I used to be a loyal customer when I was in college (5 years ago), but the standard and customer service have deteriorated. I’ve had delivery drivers leave food at the wrong house because of the app/bad website’s design. I had to battle them tooth and nail to get them to refund my money as a customer with over 100 uses and no complaints… Today, after I selected the “reorder” option of a previous order that had the correct address listed, the app changed my delivery address after I selected the “reorder” option of a previous order that had the correct address listed. It’s been about 6 months to a year since I refused to use their service until their owner responded to my email with an apology, which he eventually did. Needless to say, the food was sent to the wrong address, and customer service was unwilling (or unable?) to help. I contacted my bank to request a chargeback, but I’ll have to wait for the charge to clear before they can flag this business as fraudulent. I would suggest this business if you want cold food, poor customer service, and the ability to pay for someone else’s meal.

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So you want to work for BTownmenus as a driver? Do yourself a favor and don’t do it. Keep a secure distance. With that warning in mind, allow me to delve a little deeper. What exactly is BTownmenus? BTownmenus is a Bloomington, Indiana-based web-based food delivery service. Local restaurants hire BTownmenus to manage the distribution and “marketing” side of their operations. The actual distribution of the food is then contracted out to a “partner” driver by BTownmenus. The driver earns a flat delivery fee of about $3 or $4 per delivery, from which BTownmenus takes a cut as a “marketing fee,” and the driver keeps the entire tip, if any. BTownmenus, on the other hand, retains a portion of all their affiliate restaurants offer to them. It’s a fantastic service for the clients, but what about their “partner” drivers? Let us begin with the why.
To begin with, the vast majority of drivers are never informed that they are independent contractors. They normally don’t find out until tax time, when they are liable for thousands of dollars in taxes. What a great surprise! They deliberately conceal your status as a contractor in order to retain power over you. And if you don’t realize you’re a “contractor,” you won’t be aware of your privileges, and if you believe you’re an employee, you won’t challenge something they say.

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The Queen of Gumbos and the epitome of Creole and Cajun cuisine! Our homemade brown roux thickens this rich and hearty soup. This dish has flavor and sense thanks to sausage, chicken, cooked okra, and fresh vegetables. Our Gumbo will have more “power” with the addition of file.
“Jamabalaya is like the brief afterglow of a lovely wet kiss.” The name is a combination of French (ham = jambon) and African (rice = aya). Rice, sausage, onions, bell peppers, and celery are cooked down in a rich chicken stock.
Give Papa some more of those red beans, Mon’te chou (my petite little cabbage head)! This treat, which is traditionally served on Mondays, or “Wash Day,” is now available every day. Soaked beans are cooked slowly with bacon, onions, peppers, celery, and spices after being soaked overnight.
Etouffee is a French word that roughly translates to “to smother with kisses.” In a creamy light roux, fresh vegetables are smothered in this truly heartwarming dish. Then, to produce this Epicurean classic, a delicate blend of hidden spices is added. Crawfish Etoufee with Chili-Cheese Chicken Etoufee with Thai Peanuts

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Southern-inspired comfort food

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Prepare for a journey of flavors influenced by Southern Mid-West and Southern cuisine, with a nod to the cities that used the “world’s best” limestone (and the source of our name) found right here in Southern Indiana on occasion. So come in, relax, and have a nice time! We’re delighted to have you here!
Check out our menus.
Use Open Table to make a reservation.
Please let us know when you’ll be arriving, and we’ll set up a table for you that is well spaced, sanitized, and ready to go!
Events and Parties
Host your next event with us and make it a success! For on-site activities, we have a special atmosphere, as well as a diverse menu for off-site catering. Looking for anything other than southern fare? We can even assist you with that!

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