Blur product development

Blur product development

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For their customers, Blur DNA has introduced a new definition of PD, or product growth. With a team of seasoned masters and tailors, embroidery experts, printers, and sourcing platforms, our vendors have a much easier time turning their ideas into practice. We take orders based on designs and see them through to completion, which includes everything from design analysis to fabric and trim sourcing and choices, pattern making to cutting and sewing, washing and finishing, and finally packaging and delivery/dispatch of bulk items to our vendors/clients.
Blur DNA is a B2B business model that allows small businesses and designers to concentrate on the quality of their work rather than the quantity of their output. From beginning to end, our job cycle produces the highest output in the industry. We work with a number of fabricators, dyers, and printers, but our design and merchant teams are professional enough to go to great lengths to ensure that all of the items we offer to our clients are of the highest quality.

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Blur is an innovative design company that specializes in using functional engineering to solve complex problems. We may assist products in achieving their full potential, from design to R&D, product creation to prototyping and full-scale commercialization. We include Industrial Design, Mechanical/Electrical/Software Engineering (including optical, image processing, and algorithm design) services that can help you transition from R&D to commercialization with ease. We are professional medical device developers who are familiar with design controls, regulatory requirements, and FDA submissions.

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Since what’s in a person’s bag will show a lot about them, what better way to get to know the Milk Makeup team than to rummage through their most personal belongings? In the Bag will satiate your curiosity and provide insight into the lives and professions of the people who create the items.
Since I work on formulas, product designs, and packaging, I consider what we want in our line, what makes sense for the company, and what will benefit us as individuals in our daily lives. When we think of a new product, we want to make sure it’s easy to use, has good ingredients, provides a good return on investment, and can be used on the go. I still check to see what goods are available and what aren’t. I consider all of these factors and come up with ideas for each season — spring, summer, fall, and holidays. I also price everything; I keep a cost sheet so I know what my formula and packaging costs should be. I’m in charge of a number of small moving pieces. I also collaborate with our design team, so [Mazdack] Rassi (Co-Founder of Milk Makeup) and Kali (Director of Product Design) will review the packaging and formula, and we’ll discuss how the final product should look.

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Los Angeles is a major fashion and beauty trendsetter. The origins of BLUR Beauty can be found here, where the science of skincare has evolved into fine art. Where the hard work of high-quality treatments produces immediate results. The search of beauty is a way of life in Los Angeles. The designers of BLUR Beauty set out with one basic aim in mind: to create high-quality cosmetics using high-quality ingredients. In a nutshell, luxurious skincare that is exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and innovative.
BLUR Beauty has one goal: to create category-changing, performance-driven skincare that provides immediate and long-lasting results. BLUR Beauty’s mission is to deliver the highest degree of creativity for truly transformational results, inspired by its founders’ backgrounds in research, product creation, and dermatology, as well as multiple innovation awards and patents.
BLUR Beauty built a groundbreaking product line that explores every aspect of skin transformation and provides immediate and lasting results, with the goal of bringing world-class category-changing skincare to the customer.

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