Block text messages galaxy s6

Block text messages galaxy s6

How to block text messages or sms on samsung galaxy s6

The Galaxy S7 (Edgedefault )’s blocking text message feature allows you to build a black list (a number, email, or specific phrases) and block messages received from these numbers or contacts, as well as messages that contain specific content. To block text messages on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, follow these steps:
1. Launch the Messages program.
2. Tap the More button in the upper right corner to access the message settings.
3. To open Block Messages, scroll down and tap it.
4. Tap the Block List option and then either add a number, locate a contact, or pick a message from your Inbox to add a particular number (contact) to the message’s black list.
5. Continue tapping the Add icon until you’ve finished your list of people from whom you don’t want to accept text messages.
6. If you’re concerned about getting a message that contains a particular text, go to Block Phrases and add the phrase to the black list.
7. Go to the Blocked Messages choice to see what messages have been blocked.

How to block texts in samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge

Block Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy S6: Have you ever been annoyed by unwanted text messages from a real estate builder, a loan firm, a broker agency, or just an unknown number? I, too, have had to deal with the same issue.
It may not only take up space on your computer, but it may also contain links to phishing websites, fake phone numbers, and malware download links that, when you unintentionally or knowingly tap on the connection in the SMS, launch fraudulent apps. Your Samsung Galaxy S6’s data could be hampered as a result of these. No one wants their personal information leaked or their Galaxy S6 contaminated with a virus, am I right?
I’m glad that if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, getting rid of spam is a breeze. While other cell phones can also easily get rid of spam SMS, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has an inbuilt device setting that makes it very convenient.

Galaxy s6,s7: how to block a phone number and unknown

You can block specific numbers, but you can also block text messages based on their content. If you keep receiving fake lottery winning messages, you can block all messages containing the word “lottery.”
You can block someone’s number to keep them from contacting you if you’ve had a falling out with a friend or girlfriend, or if they’re harassing you with messages you don’t want to see, such as bullying. Configuring the phone settings just requires a minute of your time.
Since there are so many different phones and Android versions in use, I can’t guarantee that all of the features seen here are available to all. However, a well-known handset, a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 6, is used.
You may be able to block messages on a different phone or version of Android, but the screens and menus may be slightly different. These steps should hopefully point you in the right direction.
Adjust the subject to:How to block unwanted text messages on your Galaxy phone up to version 8.
This feature isn’t available on any other Android phone, and it’s no longer available on the Galaxy S9/Note9. As a result, it’s not a feature of Android, but rather a feature of a few Samsung Galaxy models. The title is deceiving.

How to add block word (phrases) text messages in samsung

You may have inadvertently enabled shortcode blocks in your settings on rare occasions. Some phones can refer to this as “enabling/disabling premium messaging.” If this is the case, texting to enter a text list that uses a short code would result in an automatic text stating: Access Denied being sent back to your computer.
Shortcodes can be blocked on certain smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy. A shortcode block could have been activated by a representative at the store where your mobile device was registered in some cases. Another reason your phone could be blocked is if your phone number was recycled, which means it was already used by someone else. This request most likely carried over when you inherited the phone number if the previous owner had allowed shortcode blocks.

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