Block ip echelon

Block ip echelon

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Until sending out DMCA alerts, not all anti-piracy companies check whether anyone is sharing a file, according to the researchers. As a result, a university printer was labeled as a serial pirate.
The curious thing is that these notifications weren’t intended for the website, but rather for the server that gathered torrent data. These are close to the alerts that frequent downloaders get from their ISPs, and they list the IP address and port that were supposedly used to “distribute” the files.
The monitoring company writes, “IP-Echelon has become aware that the below IP addresses have been using your service for transmitting video files that contain infringing video material that is exclusively owned by Paramount.”
“We are requesting your immediate assistance in removing the infringing content from your network and disabling access to it. We also ask that you ensure the user and/or IP address owner may not use or share Paramount materials and property in the future,” the note continues.

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We’ve heard a lot of stories about different “anti-piracy” organisations issuing fake takedown notices, and it’s usually because they use sloppy keyword matching with no analysis, and it attacks completely unrelated items with the same name. TorrentFreak, on the other hand, has discovered another form of entirely false takedown: completely fake torrent links for torrents that never existed. The problem is that the forged ties were aimed at two torrent caching services: and TorrentFreak discusses how they function… and why the targeted links never existed in the first place:
So, as you can see, this is how it went down. Anti-piracy organizations knew only enough about how torrent cache sites operated to automate takedowns based on torrent hashes, believing that such torrents would still be accessible through the cache sites. Okay, I see your point. But there’s a catch: they never tested to see if those ties existed in the first place. For at least the past two years, it seems they haven’t even visited

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You should go do some research on stuff like peerguardian’s idea, seedboxes, and private trackers, as well as the fact that ALL THREE OF THOSE MAKE YOU MORE Vulnerable TO THINGS LIKE WHAT YOU’VE Witnessed.
And the fact that ALL THREE of them make you more vulnerable to situations like the one you’ve had.
I don’t intend to say that wearing a ski mask, working out of a warehouse rather than your home, avoiding uniformed individuals, and only trading inside a semi-exclusive crime ring would keep you out of trouble. I thought that by studying these subjects, you will come across discussions about the best courses of action. You’re going to need a lot more details than you’ll get from this subject alone (or just this forum for that matter, though here is a great start). As DWK has shown, a lot of reading is needed, as is getting several opinions and recommendations.

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This message is being sent on behalf of HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. (“HBO”), a company with physical offices at 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, USA (Attention: Director of Anti-Piracy).
This letter does not provide a full statement of HBO’s rights in this matter, and nothing in it constitutes an express or implied waiver of any of HBO’s rights or remedies in this matter, which are all expressly reserved.
To protect your privacy, you can use a VPN service. They don’t know your identity yet; they just sent the letter to Bell; but, it’s easier to be safe and conceal your identity in the future.
You should also be ashamed of yourself for downloading such a low-resolution version of Game of Thrones.
I’m not going to confirm that I downloaded anything; this is just conjecture. Yeah, I believe that it would have been terrible if anyone had downloaded it in the hypothetical situation.
It essentially sends your internet traffic through a tunnel to another country. You can configure utorrent to use that service as a proxy (in link settings) to protect the rest of your internet. It is not cheap, but it is well worth it.

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