Bing mobile friendly test

Bing mobile friendly test

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If a website fails to meet any of the above requirements, specific details about the failure is given. “When you upload the URL of a page to be evaluated to the Mobile Friendliness Test tool, our Bing Mobile crawler fetches and renders the page, extracting essential features that the tool uses to decide how the page performs against each of the above factors,” according to Bing. The results are then collected into a single mobile-friendliness ranking for the page.”
According to recent reports, mobile media use has surpassed desktop usage, with mobile devices accounting for 51 percent of total screen time versus 42 percent for desktops. As mobile use continues to reshape the ecommerce landscape, retailers are being encouraged more than ever to check their websites and ensure that their customers have a seamless, hassle-free mobile shopping experience.
SERPs, or search engine results pages, are so popular in today’s digital world that most people aren’t aware of them. They imitate a nondescriptive waiting room for most internet users…

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“Earlier this year, we discussed our approach to mobile-friendly search and ranking, as well as our plans for Webmaster tool enhancements to help site owners build mobile-friendly pages. I’m excited to introduce you to Charu Puhazholi of the Webmaster Team and Shyam Jayasankar of the Mobile Ranking Team today. (They) will address the availability of the Bing Webmaster Mobile Friendliness Test tool, which helps you to verify the mobile-device compatibility of your site’s pages.”
When Bing announced their growing commitment to mobile-friendly search in May 2015, the tool was initially promised to be published. The release was, however, postponed for what could be construed as developmental reasons.
In their attempts to enhance the user surfing experience, site owners and webmasters will find this new tool extremely useful. After all, a significant percentage of internet users already use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the internet.

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Only Microsoft knows whether Bing Webmaster Tools is attempting to gain market share, merely keeping up with the competition for the sake of their own loyal customers, or something else entirely.

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I’m curious if Bing Webmaster Tools will be called “Search Console” in the near future.
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Mobile devices account for more than half of all internet traffic (fact). As a result, if you ignore your mobile platform, you will be losing out on a significant portion of your audience. I’d like to go through a couple of ways you can search your own mobile sites in this article. You’ll be able to test your mobile website for key elements and boost your mobile SEO after reading this article.
Go to your website using your phone’s browser. Take a look at it. You didn’t expect the advice, did you? I know a few business owners who have never done anything like this. They spent a lot of money on a mobile site, but they haven’t looked at it since their designer showed it to them. Just do it, like Nike said. Take a look at what you’re missing out on. Also, get a sense of the results.
It’s worth noting that the way your website appears on various phones can vary. As a result, we suggest that you search the mobile edition of your website in other ways as well to find flaws.
You can also use your browser to test your mobile site.
Simply visit your own website in Chrome and right-click anywhere on the browser page. Select ‘Inspect’ from the drop-down menu. It’s also accessible from the Tools > Developer Tools menu. Then, in the inspector’s menu bar, press the second icon:

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