Bing code search

Bing code search

Bing code search plugin for c# in 2013

Microsoft gave developers a sneak preview of an upcoming Bing Search API for searching through their own image database for a visual match to an image rather than a text query at the recent Build 2019 conference.
The Bing Search APIs make the technologies that power Microsoft’s Bing search engine accessible to developers and businesses in a variety of ways. The various Bing Search APIs, which are part of the Azure Cognitive Services, allow you to search for standard web results, photos, videos, or news articles and customize or prioritize the results; you can also use the Bing technology to check the spelling and grammar of text on your own website or in an app.
The Bing Search APIs are not limited to word searches. When using words to accurately describe an image is difficult, users should use an image – rather than a text description of what’s in an image – to search for similar pictures using an API to provide the same visual search experience as the Bing platform.

Bing code search

Visual Studio already has an official Bing extension from Microsoft. This will make it easier for developers to find and reuse code snippets from MSDN, StackOverflow, Dotnetperls, and CSharp411. You can search for what you want directly from IntelliSense; it will display the following window, from which you can select “How do I.” Simply type in what you’re looking for. This extension will look for the best code to fit your question. It will be inserted into the code page after you press “Accept.” The Bing Code Search add-in for Visual Studio 2013 allows.NET developers to find and reuse code samples from a variety of sources, such as MSDN, StackOverflow, Dotnetperls, and CSharp411. By taking the experience of searching for reusable C# code into the Visual Studio IDE, Bing Code Search enhances developer productivity and speed. This extension is available for download here. More information can be found here. Related Articles

Learnai: adding bing search to bots

Every programmer, sooner or later, needs to look for code snippets and algorithms. However, since most search engines don’t specialize in code searches, you’ll only get a few results (one of them most likely to StackOverflow). Now, Microsoft has teamed up with HackerRank to integrate code snippets into its Bing search results pages — and, as an added bonus, you can edit and execute the code directly from those pages.
All you have to do is check for something like “string concat C#” or something similar, and Bing will bring up the editor for you. You can also switch to other languages using the widget. C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and Java are all options here, depending on the algorithm you’re searching for.
“Users will be able to verify how the same solution is built in a variety of other programming languages, offering a Rosetta-stone model for programming languages,” says Marcelo De Barros, Group Engineering Manager for Bing’s UX Features and Shared Tools.

Visual studio 套件介紹- bing code search

I’ve only just begun to learn how to use this stuff, but I’m already fascinated – a hundred lines of code later, and I’ve got a badly painted sprite running around a platform that appears to have figured out how to make blocks levitate. It’ll be the new flappy bird as soon as I get a scoreboard.
Let’s be honest. Most programmers can copy and paste code from stackoverflow for 490 percent of their lives. Without ever leaving Visual Studio, you can use Bing code search to find the feature you need in seconds and paste it in with a single click.

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