Bigcommerce custom css

Bigcommerce custom css

How to modify the html/css in your bigcommerce template

A key name that you have specified as editable in config.json is accepted (as a string) by stencilNumber. It also accepts an optional second parameter (also as a string) to describe the unit. (The value of the second parameter defaults to px.) It returns a numeric value that is prefixed with the specified unit. This function can be used with arithmetic operators. Assume you have a font-size value of 3 in your config.json file. 9rem will be the product of the following sentence. stencilNumber(“font-size”, “rem”) * 3 stencilNumber(“font-size”, “rem”)
stencilString accepts (as a string) a key name that you’ve designated as editable in config.json. It returns the value of the key (also as a string). This role is used to describe font family names and image paths, among other items.
stencilImage accepts a key name for an image url specified in config.json (as a string). It also accepts the main name for the image size that you specified in config.json (as a string). It returns the image URL’s string value as well as the height.

Bigcommerce stencil how to add code to header or footer

ReCharge is introducing Themes, a new customer platform open to all merchants. Novum is the first theme to be published, and it’s designed to boost your company by that turnover and improving your customers’ experience across all devices.
Novum also introduced a new Upcoming Orders tab to its consumer portal, which categorizes potential subscriptions and one-time items by the day they are expected to charge. For easy access, customers can see a breakdown based on the date of charge and shipping address.

Modifying css in pagebuilder elements – bigcommerce

Many Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 1000 companies use BigCommerce to improve their webstore so that they can scale it up and stop outgrowing it. A large number of Bigcommerce stores look fantastic, and once you know how to customize them, you’ll be able to create something that looks better than average.
The Theme Store and the App Store also have a wide range of important add-ons that can be used to incorporate the features you want. There are a few free responsive themes and about thirty paying responsive themes. When it comes to mobile theming, however, there is no such thing as a non-responsive theme.
When it comes to customizing the BigCommerce mobile theme, text editing tools are used to make regular changes to the HTML and/or CSS files. The code lines should be saved in such a way that any adjustments can be made as the situation (business scenario) needs.
The maintenance of the home page is another big problem for web store owners. As a consequence, they prefer a prototype that can be personalized. Let’s take a look at how to edit and update a BigCommerce store’s homepage:

Use custom css at bigcommerce

Most of this can be achieved using your browser’s built-in tools and the theme’s stylesheet (also known as a CSS file). Select Actions > Edit code in the Online Store or More actions > Edit code in the Theme editor sidebar to get started.
A CSS file links styling codes to storefront components by using labels from the HTML. These are referred to as ‘elements.’ If HTML is like a house’s construction, CSS is like the decorative or cosmetic features that make it look great, and elements are like the nails that hold up the wood paneling.

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