Bhs principals blog

Bhs principals blog

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Eric is a 6th grade teacher for the School City of Mishawaka Public School District at LaSalle Elementary. Several websites, including The Pragmatic Progressive and, publish articles on education. He champions opportunities for girls to amplify their voices and desires in order to achieve their full potential in education.
His non-profit,, aims to help students understand the link between their decisions and the legacy they leave behind by asking, “How do you want to be remembered?” About 30,000 students on six continents have heard’s message of compassion, empathy, and legacy.
Her DECA business club, which is offered at her school, is another strong interest of hers. She participates in a laughter yoga group in her neighborhood outside of classes. As part of her senior year capstone project, she was recently trained and qualified to teach laughter yoga and has been teaching classes of her own. Julie will be studying nursing in the fall, regardless of which school she attends. She is, in general, a life lover.

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My name is Bobby Riley, and I’m the new Alternative Education Programs principal in Burlington. I worked as the librarian at the Integrated Arts Academy for 17 years and then as the principal for the last 8.
I’m thrilled to be a part of these schools’ learning and growth. As your representative, my mission is to make these schools a community you are proud to be a part of, and to help you achieve your objectives, whatever they might be. I’m excited to learn more about OnTop and Horizons, including what works well, what could be changed, and how they can better fulfill your social, emotional, and academic needs.
I love music (of all kinds), play a couple of instruments (though I’m not very good at them), read a lot, cook (vegan), and am a big sports fan (basketball is life). So you’ll usually find me holding a guitar, a book, or a basketball. I’ve coached high school teams before, but now I’m coaching my youngest daughter’s AAU, Parks, and Minimetro teams.

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What three learning opportunities come to mind when I ask you to think of three that make a difference in students’ outcomes? Is it a PC or a Laptop? What about textbooks? What about cell phones? How many of you conjured up pictures of the Teacher? Sharon Goldman and I had the distinction of being a part of […] earlier this term.
This year, Blackwood High School, like all other 8-12 secondary schools in South Australia, is thinking about how to better meet the challenge of incorporating year 7 students into the secondary school environment. The chance for our entire school to rethink its approach to learning design, curriculum, and evaluation was catalyzed […]

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IMPROVED SHOW BY A PERFORMING ARTS Organization The BHS Little Theater will host performances on Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25 at 7 p.m. Students and children are admitted for free. Adults are those that have reached adulthood. One presentation is $5, and both are $7. Tickets are available at the entrance. The Improv Show is a high-energy production that is made up on the spot from audience feedback… Continue reading Spring Improv Show at BHS
Students who agree with both “I believe setting high goals is important” and “I work hard to achieve my goals” are… They are ten times more likely to believe they drive themselves to do well in school. People who enjoy learning new things are six times more likely to say so. You’re five times more likely to believe what… Continue reading 5/22 SEL Fact of the Week
Arianagrace Nsereko, a current senior, is the Marauder of the Week nominee this week! Arianagrace, also known as Grace, is a genuine, personable, and ambitious student who has only been at Belmont High School since October but has already identified herself as someone to admire for her perseverance… Read all about the Week’s Marauders.

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