Best free android antivirus reddit

Best free android antivirus reddit

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Deliberation I looked at the top antivirus options for 2020, and it appears that Avira and Sophos are the best free antivirus apps for Android in 2020. Avast and AVG should be avoided because they sell user data. If you’re looking for the best free antivirus, go to Also, is a good place to look for the latest free and paid antivirus software. Best Android Antivirus Software Anyway, what kind of AV do you have on your phone? Is it from the manufacturer, or did you replace it with anything else? There are actually 8 comments. 25 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.


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I’d like to pay for complete phone security. I use my device for everything: browsing, downloading apk files, correspondence, and banking, so… I certainly need it. I want to use a few tools in the app when I pay for it. I’m looking forward to hearing your counter-arguments and points of view. Why are you suggesting this app in particular? Please accept my sincere gratitude. There are 18 comments. 75 percentsharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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People aren’t just using their phones for contact now that smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives. Instead, they keep their most personal data on their phones. We perform a variety of tasks on our Android devices, such as mobile banking, which can result in malware being installed on your phone or tablet, which is a serious problem.
It is the top-rated Android malware, according to AV-Test, and it protects a large number of users around the world. The antivirus engine scans infected or harmful apps and trojans with a single tap and offers full protection from viruses and spyware.
Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a strong antivirus that protects your Android device from all of the most common threats. It’s a lightweight antivirus application that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to provide super-fast scanning. It also protects you in real time and checks your applications as they are mounted.
The Norton Security & Antivirus software almost always detects and eliminates spyware, ransomware, and Android viruses that cause your computer to slow down. It can remotely lock your computer or block unwanted calls or SMS to avoid data theft.

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How to remove the virus from your android

Which free antivirus software for Windows and Android is the best? I don’t trust ads because I still come across them while searching online. I’m using the free edition of Malwarebytes; do you think it’s adequate? My accounts are often hacked, so I guess I have a virus on my computer or phone. However, malwarebytes detects nothing, and the output of each of these devices is unaffected. ten remark 100 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up To leave a comment, please log in or create an account. Sign UpSign In Sort by the strongest.

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