Berkeley mini math tournament

Berkeley mini math tournament

Why it’s almost impossible to solve a rubik’s cube in under 3

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The Berkeley Math Tournament Group was founded at the University of California, Berkeley. The Berkeley Math Tournament and Berkeley Mini-Math Tournament are student-run organizations that bring together students from all over the Bay Area and beyond to celebrate mathematics and the spirit of competition.
Past question papers (choose the appropriate grade, then champions):
Math is a fascinating topic (
Students can absolutely solve a few past papers to learn the format to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked. Since questions have different weights, students must have a plan for solving problems.

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(For middle schools, Division M) The Elementary and Middle School Math Olympiad is a competition of five complex word problems. In a year, there are five exams (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March). Each contestant has 30 minutes to solve as many problems as possible. The awards are given out based on the total scores from all five competitions. You may ask your school or teacher to participate in the competition.
Math Kangaroo is a math competition that involves a number of puzzles and logic-style problems. Many awards are given out to the top 20 scorers in their state and around the country. Between September and early December, you must register at a test center. This test is available at thousands of locations throughout the United States.
The Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC) is a biannual problem-solving competition for students in elementary and middle school.
The competition’s aim is to pique students’ interest in math, help them improve their problem-solving skills, and motivate them to succeed in math.
Throughout the academic year, the Math League sponsors a variety of middle school competitions. The contests are designed so that students can use the exams as practice for the MathCounts Chapter and State competitions, which will be held in the spring. Students who place first in qualifying meets during the year will be invited to participate in state and national championships. To take part in this contest, you must register on your own. While this contest is not run by your school, students from the same school will form a team (up to four students) and compete for a sweepstakes prize.

Bmmt(the berkeley mini math tournament)

During the recent Christmas break, fifteen QAIS students gave up some of their vacation time to compete in a math competition in Beijing, marking a significant move forward in the school’s competitive math program.
For the first time in its history, QAIS dipped its toe into the waters of competitive math when several dozen of our students competed in the “AMC 8” on our campus in November. The American Math Competition (AMC 8) is a one-hour individual test of difficult math problems for students in grades 8 and below.
The travel to Beijing during the holidays was a completely different experience. We were invited to compete in the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT) in China by the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT) in California, USA. Despite the fact that we are a small school, they were planning to send one team of five students. As it turned out, we sent three student teams, one of which was a “junior” team made up of PYP students.
Upper school students Alex Wang, Wanda Yuan, Kevin Pak, David Sun, Julia Shang, Nina Yua, Jonathan Yue, Bena Chen, Fiona Guo, and Mark Qin joined PYP students Jimmy Li, Justin Gong, Tom Ham, Kevin Wang, and Aaron Gao in the BmMT. They all demonstrated immense effort and excitement by devoting time away from their vacation to a school function. And not just any school experience… a seven-hour, mind-bendingly complicated day.

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This fall, our Bobcats have been particularly active! They are not only interested in activities on our campus, but they are often often seen engaging in exciting events off campus. Math has recently become a common subject, with middle school and high school students receiving impressive awards.
A group of our middle school students participated in the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT), one of the nation’s largest middle school math competitions. Our students formed a variety of teams, with Team Jaguar coming in third place! Catherine L., David L., Jamin X., Kyle L., and Larry X., all of the class of 2024, deserve congratulations.
Our upper school students competed in the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) in November and finished fifth out of 150 national and international teams with over 1,000 students! This competition is one of the most prestigious in the world, drawing competitors from all over the world.
Our Bobcats performed admirably! Chet B. (class of 2019), William P. (class of 2020), Sanjana D. (class of 2021), Siddharth S. (class of 2021), Adam T. (class of 2022), and Albert T. (class of 2022) made up the squad (class of 2022).

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