Belkin routers are terrible

Belkin routers are terrible

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This router acts as a decent entry-level router. It has most of the features that a typical user would need, but it lacks specialized features. It does not support IPv6, but it does have fairly powerful 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, as well as support for the AC standard, which allows for faster wireless while using the same amount of spectrum. It has a very good routing speed for standard internet connections of 100Mbps or less, and the lights on the front make it very easy for a non-technical user to say the router and internet status. The’self-healing’ function allows these routers to reboot on a defined schedule of up to once per day. I built one at my mother’s house… and one at my father’s house… and they function flawlessly in both locations. NOTE: TWC has recently had problems with the subnets that Belkin routers all seem to use for LAN addresses. On both of my family’s Belkin routers, I had to update the defaults to the 192.168.X.0 subnets… and I also updated the DNS to the latest and Cloudflare DNS servers, which tend to boost DNS lookup speeds and speedtests. Although I suggest these routers, the AC1900DB is faster: (1) it costs less than 40 dollars; (2) it has the same app features; and (3) it supports IPv6.

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I’m having trouble with my link, and I’m using a Belkin N750 router. Many people have told me that it is a good router, but I am constantly two-baring games and have poor connection on both my computer and games. It’s directly connected to my Xbox. However, I continue to have this problem. It turned out to be the Firewall. If you have a firewall on both your modem and router, it will cause you to rubberband, skip around, and generally make online gaming a pain. Look at the router’s firewall. A firewall may be installed.

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It’s a little inconvenient from a service provider’s perspective because we use multiple ADSL modems as media converters to link additional lines to routers. Cisco makes it look better.
However, it could be safer for Cisco in the long run, allowing them to concentrate on the SME/Enterprise market, where selling against other vendors is becoming more difficult. Others are catching up on features, and given the current economic environment, people appear willing to take a chance on other vendors solely on the basis of price.
I’d have to concur with AJ. Their most recent offerings have been disastrous for small businesses and homeowners. Many small business routers still haven’t figured out how to disable WPS. In terms of my home router, the EA4500, I wish it was more reliable. When it’s running, it’s fantastic. The issue is that it shuts down the wireless and wired ports at random, and it takes a few power cycles for them to function again. I’m hoping Belkin will turn things around, but I’m doubtful.

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Time Warner Cable (roadrunner) is my Internet service provider, and they provide me with a Webstar cable modem ( The problem is that the internet connection is lost exactly once every hour, and I believe the router is to blame.
Despite the fact that my browsers are unable to load any web pages, I continue to receive tweets from the TweetDeck application. Not only is my laptop affected, but my wired computer connected to the router is as well; I am unable to access the internet from either computer.

My modem is connected to the wall through this black cable to the ‘cable’ port on the modem. Since the modem only has one ethernet port, I connect it to my Belkin Play wireless router using a Cat-5e cable. Then I attach another Cat-5e cable from one of the router’s four ethernet ports to my computer’s ethernet port.
Some people on this Yahoo Answers! query ( suggest that this guy, who has similar problems to me, check the DHCP lease period. I double-checked this by going to the router page (… pasted into my browser) and finding that it was set to ‘forever.’

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