Battery life samsung galaxy s3

Battery life samsung galaxy s3

Samsung gear s3 battery life [review]

Many of the applications and features on your Galaxy may be in use. The battery life can be increased by turning off any of these applications or functions. If that doesn’t work, go to the Samsung Galaxy Troubleshooting Page for instructions on how to close apps and probably replace the battery.
2. A large number of applications are running in the background, which results in faster discharging than when it was fresh. I’ve restricted my wifi advanced choice ‘keep wifi on during sleep’ to just when plugged in (to a charger), which helps, and I just use mobile data (3G) when absolutely required.
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How to save battery life on a samsung galaxy s3

This method works on almost every flat, removable smartphone battery, not just the Samsung Galaxy S3. This test is applicable to the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, and LG G3 batteries.
Putting the “Spin Test” to the test
Remove your phone’s battery and place it on a flat surface. Any table will do, just make sure there’s plenty of room around it because you’ll be spinning it around in a matter of seconds. This is the battery from my Galaxy S3 that I’ve been using for over a year and a half. If the battery spins freely like a top when you gently flick one of the corners with your finger, it has “failed” the spin test and needs to be replaced. The bulge in the battery is exposed by rotating it, suggesting that it needs to be replaced. A bulge, which may or may not be apparent to the naked eye, is suggested by a spinning battery. The earlier you replace the bulge, the better, because it will grow even more and start leaking. The spin test is an excellent way to detect battery swelling before it becomes severe enough to damage your phone or cause personal injury.

How to improve battery life on galaxy s3

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Galaxy S3’s most serious issues. These are the most common problems from people all over the world, and we’ll try to include a helpful workaround or solution in each case.
The Galaxy S3 appears to freeze at irregular intervals. This issue was mentioned by a small number of users in 2012, but it has become much more common in 2013. If you have this issue with a brand new S3, you can send it back for a replacement. The majority of the problems now being identified are phones that have been working fine for months but have developed a random freezing habit. This appears to be a software issue that could be linked to an Android update, probably 4.1. 2. Alternatives: You can Restart by holding down the Power button, or power off and on again. Although this seems to work for the majority of citizens, it will not prevent the issue from recurring. You can also pull the battery, but this is not recommended. You should also just wait; many people report that the problem goes away on its own, but it could take up to 15 minutes and it could happen again at any moment. Turning off Wi-Fi or the mobile data link has been recorded to minimize frequency, but this is inconvenient. You could try reverting to a previous version of the program. Some people claim to have had success with this, while others claim to have just decreased their freezing frequency.

Samsung galaxy watch 3 real life battery drain test

On paper, a smart phone can outperform a traditional phone in every category except one: battery life. At the very least, there are a few things you can do to increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3 and prolong your enjoyment of your prized new phone.
Your brawny gadget will be wheezing like a weightlifter running the steeplechase in no time thanks to that tall, bright, show-off screen and beefy processor. If you spend your everyday commute playing sports, watching videos, or fiddling with apps, don’t be shocked to see the battery indicator blinking red. When you’re running a lot of processes at once, you’re going to use a lot of resources. So, to get more juice out of your S3, follow these basic steps. 1. The Galaxy S3 has a built-in ‘Power saving’ feature, which is a good place to start because it’s disabled by default when you first use the phone. To save as much power as possible, it will restrict the maximum CPU speed, lower screen power, and adjust background colors in your device apps when activated.

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