Bandblast music app

Bandblast music app

Music lifeboat’s app bandblast being piloted by kids

BandBlast is an award-winning free music app with free online video lessons taught by world-class philharmonic players and a program that is similar to most first-year band and orchestra classes. We currently have 13 instruments and will be adding more in the near future. The music app also features a recording tool to perform/record with a band/orchestra repertoire of over 40 first-year band tracks, as well as fun character games that teach how to learn music rhythms, ear training, and reading music. School districts are now using BandBlast, which has proved to be helpful to both teachers and students. It’s running on iOS, Android, and desktop computers. More than 100 school districts use BandBlast, which has earned over 1.5 million downloads.

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This website provides a diverse range of events for young musicians. Beethoven’s Baseball is an imaginative music composer activity, while Music Match is a matching game of musical concepts, and Time Machine is a game that allows children to position 42 composers in their proper time and musical age. Facts and musical excerpts from a variety of composers, from Monteverdi and Strauss to Tower, Adams, and Williams, can be found in the Listening Section, which is arranged by dates and musical periods. The Orchestra Seating Map, where children can find different instruments and compare seating charges from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods, may be of interest to them. Individual assignments can be done on this website, or small groups of students and assignment-based activities can be used in the classroom.
Many interactive games and videos from the Sphinx Classical Series CD-Rom and the New York Philharmonic’s KidZone website can be found on this website. A String Instrument Gallery, where students can learn about each instrument through in-depth information and images, a Rhythm Band, where children can write and edit music drawn on a computer screen, and a Minority Composers Forum, where children can learn about the significant positions of many of the music world’s finest minority composers, are only a few of the categories. There are also videos and interviews with the Sphinx Orchestra and minority artists. This website offers a range of musical activities for children of all ages.

【兒童鋼琴課】band blast多元音樂app 台北松山小芸鋼琴

BandBlast is a free app for students who want to learn how to play music. The BandBlast software can be used in a number of ways by students. Whatever method students use to access the app, they must all begin by selecting an instrument to play, either digitally or physically. Students who want to learn more than one instrument can use the software to build different profiles.
Students may play a game, film themselves playing an instrument with a virtual band, watch videos about their chosen instruments, or embark on a music “project” after developing a profile and selecting the instruments they want to play.
The games in the BandBlast series are designed to help students improve their rhythm and pitch skills. Rhythm games are played by clicking on a tablet’s screen inside the app. Pitch games are played by students who respond to prompts in the app by playing physical instruments.
Students may play their instruments with the virtual band that plays on their iPads or Android tablets in BandBlast’s recording area. BandBlast has around two dozen songs from which students can choose.

Band blast app 音準打方塊 台北松山小芸長笛老師music studio

It’s no secret that I adore technology in the classroom! My 4th and 5th grade students are all given iPads by the school. In my elementary band and orchestra classes, I enjoy using iPads and have discovered a number of apps that work well in this environment. Although I would never consider using technology solely in an instrumental music class (they still need to play the instruments, right?) it can be an excellent complement. My favorite apps for beginning band and orchestra are listed below.
Staff Wars has been around for a while, but it’s still a favorite among teachers and students. Students compete in Staff Wars by correctly naming notes. The quicker they get the notes right, the faster the game goes! It’s a lot of fun. Staff Wars Live is a recent feature that allows students to play the notes shown on the screen. Along with the grand staff, Staff Wars is available in the treble, alto, tenor, and bass clefs. It’s also possible to customize each clef’s note set. Staff Wars is a game that can become very addictive! I’ve had success projecting it on the board and making students take turns using my iPad in community lessons (4-8 students). I’ll use it as a station from time to time, with one or two students playing at a time.

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