Avast smart scan performance issues

Avast smart scan performance issues

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It’s just a quick question. Except for performance problems, everything on the Smart scan was fine. It’s impossible to tell what these are. The only choice is to push the RESOLVE Everything button. On my machine, nothing is removed until I authorize it. So, what happens when I press the RESOLVE Everything button? I anticipate receiving a list of things that I may accept or reject. What am I going to get?
I use the FREE version, but this performance issue is part of the Smart Scan, not an add-on. So the output garbage it finds is worthless because I can’t pick and choose which things to remove.
When you know how, everything is easy.
Thank you so much for your assistance.
I followed your advice and disabled the Smart Scan’s Performance section.
It now works flawlessly and just checks for viruses and applications. Many of the “junk” lists have vanished. I’m overjoyed; once again, thank you very much for your assistance.

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As a routine search, I run this scan very frequently.

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It generates a list of performance problems that I can see, but I want to pick the ones that I believe can be deleted. I’m not going to let a cleaner program erase anything on my computer unless I give it permission. So, how do I authorise the deletion of those things that I deem necessary? Simply clicking RESOLVE is a BIG NO-NO unless RESOLVE is followed by a method of user selection and approval. So, what happens when I press “RESOLVE?” is my main concern.

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MANY THANKS, @DavidRI I’ll give it a shot when I get the chance. I accept that it is mainly promotional, but I was under the impression that it was checking my computer for viruses. I just run it when it stares back at me after one of the daily updates… I don’t need to run it twice a day, much less once a week; the only reason I came here was because it alerted me to an update, and after downloading it, I typically take advantage of the latest changes and definitions, as well as run a fast search while I’m there. When I tried to restart it from the beginning after it became stuck, I discovered that it would not’reset’ to the beginning screen (until it had completed its promotional reports, at which point it was stuck permanently at phase 4- until reboot). I needed it to function properly because it is my main AV, so I must hope that the context processes are also working properly. Mr. K. L.
It didn’t improve, and the fix didn’t make a difference.
I gave it a shot before I left last night. However, thank you for the suggestion. Right now, I have a lot of work on my laptop, but I’ll try a reinstall later. The biggest issue is whether or not anything else is working properly if something is broken… In fact, I believe the last step used to be a ‘PC problems or efficiency’ step (for their premium product); however, it still runs those unpaid scans, and you have to choose’skip’ or ‘buy it’ during the results reports in order to finish and exit the smart scan… At the moment, it appears that a new product is being marketed at the 4th step; it is now called ‘Smart home danger.’ That is something I don’t recall seeing before, so it may be a shift or a bug. Maybe it gets stuck on his surveillance camera device [remotely viewable; Ethernet connected]… It isn’t ‘frozen,’ and I can run it through the results pages as many times as I want; it just won’t ‘finish,’ or go past the third results report step… Mr. K. L.

Avast free 19.6.xxxx smart scan

“Outdated applications,” “efficiency problems,” and “bad passwords” were discovered as issues during an AIS search. I just want to patch “outdated apps,” but “Resolve all” is my only choice. Is it possible to simply fix the issue of “outdated software”?
There’s no need to go into detail.
It’s just a matter of reading the facts and figures.
They clarify what it means and what will be done, among other things.
If you want to use apps, you should first learn how to use it and what the various settings do.
INDEPENDENT support (chat for Windows, Windows applications, and many other things) – online scanners (URL/File/Java/others) – simply state the problem/ask your question in the channel and wait.
In essence, you can only use the CleanUp tool’s functionality if you buy a license.
The scan is free, but the cleanup must be purchased. You’ve already listed a fantastic choice.

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