Avast says some files cannot be scanned

Avast says some files cannot be scanned

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Antivirus software compares identified virus hashes to your files’ hashes. When the hashes match, the box is blown open and you are informed. These businesses maintain their own malware hash databases. As a result, one organization could have a hash and another does not.
The attack site now generates a lot of malware on the fly. It does this by using a polymorphic payload encoder to modify the virus code (without modifying how it works) to generate a new hash that no antivirus company has seen before. Any victim is given a hash that the businesses do not have. Now, each company sees these hashes one at a time, which is why one company may have the latest hash and the other does not.
Viruses don’t declare themselves to be viruses. In reality, they sometimes attempt to disguise themselves in order to avoid being detected. Virus scanning software employs a range of techniques to determine if a program resembles a known virus, but the methods used and the criteria used vary from program to program. Due to the differences in virus definitions, a rule does not exist or may not detect a specific edge case that another virus scanner may detect.

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I’ve been practicing C# on a new device recently. Compiling is good, but when I try to run the generated.exe file, avast! thinks it’s malware and puts it in the sandbox for a while (where it doesn’t function as well as it should), only allowing me to run it normally once it’s done scanning.
DeepScreen is the culprit, as others have said. It’s particularly bad if you have Avast set to Silent/gaming mode, because you can experience strange behavior that you don’t understand. (I spent an entire day debugging the installer for a program I’m working on because it started running twice every time I launched it—DeepScreen is notoriously forgetful—and only succeeded the second time.)
You can switch off popups for the majority of them—the irritating update-related popups—by going to Settings, Update, Details, which should make it easier to function, play video games, and so on. However, DeepScreen popups continue to appear!
Unfortunately, the only way I can disable DeepScreen right now (in Avast 2014.9.0.2021) is to switch off all shields! Even with all shields disabled, I occasionally get DeepScreen popups, so I’m not sure if this is working. Since Avast cannot be prevented from beginning with Windows at startup, uninstalling Avast may be the only option.

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I’ve attempted three times now. Twice as complete and twice as fast. However, once Avast has finished scanning, I receive the message “Some files could not be scanned.” “… “Error Archives is password safe,” I get when I click on display performance.
I updated this article the day before yesterday. However. I guess I didn’t hit the save changes button. I modified the word scanned above because I thought I had saved it there. But there you have it “It was unable to be scanned. I’m hoping that correcting this error would make it easier for others to assist me.’
At first, I thought it was possible that I had accidentally switched something on or off in Avast. But, I think that doesn’t make sense, because anything I did would have been corrected if I had uninstalled it and downloaded a new copy.
It’s possible that no one rushed to respond because such posts always lead to a heated yet futile debate over which free antivirus software is the best. The solution is to figure out which software is best for you. If you put off dealing with the issue, it will only get worse if you get a nasty infection that corrupts Windows.

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On the 4th of March, 2011, at 06:12:11 AMD, para-Noid quoted

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Don’t worry, these files are password protected and won’t hurt your computer.

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The message from AIS was “error:The machine cannot find the path specified(3),” not “file cannot be scanned password protected.”

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I’ve sent the first password-protected message several times and have either removed or added it to the exclusion list each time. To my knowledge, the error message on February 27th was the first time I had ever seen it in the scan results. It hasn’t happened yet, and I know I didn’t do anything to repair it, so it must have resolved itself.

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